International Travel

If you are traveling outside of the U.S. with items and/or information (e.g., technical data) in conjunction with your project, there are export control issues to consider. Generally it is permissible to transport information (e.g., computer files, reports) that falls into the Fundamental Research Exclusion category without the need for a license. If, however, you are transporting controlled information and/or items (e.g., laptop with encryption software or GPS device) a license could be required. Laptops and GPS devices, and their underlying software, are covered by the EAR and, in some cases, the ITAR. EAR export regulations vary based on the country to which a researcher is traveling and the purpose for which he or she intends to use the laptop or GPS, see EAR example. In some cases, an exception or exemption to the license requirements is available. However, regulations require the exception/exemption to be documented, and the records kept for five years. Excluding embargoed countries, faculty who wish to take their business laptops out of the country to use in a university project that qualifies as fundamental research may be able to do so under the license exception for temporary export (TMP) if the laptop meets the requirement for “tools of trade” and is under the control of the researcher, or the baggage (BAG) license exception covering personal items that are owned by the researcher and intended only for their personal use. For more information on TMP or BAG contact the Export Control Official.

For your convenience and also to facilitate your travel to certain “High Risk” countries (e.g., China, Russia, etc), the Chief Innovation Officer offers a Laptop Loaner Program rather than taking your own personal or business device.  Chief Innovation Officer loans encrypted laptops for faculty and staff traveling on University business to nations subject to encryption import or export controls.

Reminder: Decrypt external USB drives and other devices before traveling to countries subject to encryption import or export controls.

Chief Innovation Officer Laptop Loaner Program

Generally, seven business-day notice is required for your loaner request to be processed. To reserve a Chief Innovation Officer laptop computer, complete the Laptop Loaner Form. Laptops are loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis.