The Accuplacer is a placement test administered to prospective and current Louisiana Tech students. Prospective students should receive a deferment letter from Admissions confirming their eligibility for the exam. Current students may be directed by their advisers to take the Accuplacer to determine which math course is necessary for their plan of study.

High school seniors are eligible to take the Accuplacer from January – August of their senior year for admission to the University. The Accuplacer is not administered to high school underclassmen. It is also not administered for dual enrollment or scholarship purposes.

Remote options exist to allow students who need to take the exam an opportunity to do so. Please complete the form located at the following link to request more information on these options:

Students who have previously attempted, failed, or withdrawn from a remedial course will not receive credit from the Accuplacer.

General Information

  • Examinees can take the English section, the math section, or both. Contact Admissions or your adviser to determine what is needed.
  • Each section can be taken up to three times. There is a two-week waiting period between attempts.
  • The Math section is called Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QRAS).
  • The English section is called Next-Generation Writing.
  • Both exams have a passing score of 250. A 249 or below merits placement into a remedial (099) course.
  • The exam is computerized and does not have a time limit. Most students take between 45 minutes to an hour per section.
  • A physical calculator is not allowed for the math section. Scratch paper is provided.
  • Scores are available upon completion. Passing scores are sent to Admissions and/or the Math Department.

Scheduling and Pricing

  • Examinees should contact Drew Boyd, Testing Coordinator, at 318.257.4882 or
  • Appointments are available Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • The exam costs $25 for prospective Louisiana Tech students and $10 for current Louisiana Tech students. Current students should know their Louisiana Tech campus-wide ID number. This fee is payable in the cashier’s office (103 Keeny Circle, Ruston, LA).
  • An email containing exam day instructions, testing policies, location, and campus navigation is sent once a student makes an appointment.
  • That email will also contain a study guide attached as a PDF.

Remote Testing

Prospective students who do not currently live in Ruston can take a “remote” Accuplacer. Our version of the exam can be sent to pre-approved test centers nationwide. This should be arranged through our office. Please call us at 318.257.4882 if you need to schedule a remote Accuplacer.

Furthermore, Louisiana Tech’s testing center is not considered a remote site. We can give the exam only for Louisiana Tech credit. If you need to take the Accuplacer for another school, you will need to call that school to set up a remote exam at a separate location.