For New Employees

Orientation Form/Policy Review

In accordance with the Louisiana office of Risk Management Loss Prevention Unit, all state agencies are required to have documented review of written policies and conduct documented awareness on the specific topics within the first 30 days after you report to work.

View the document linked below and then complete the New Employee Safety and Risk Management Orientation Form. Then you should ensure you return the Certificate of Completion to the Office of Human Resources.

Ethics Training

In response to Louisiana Revised Statue 42:1170, all public employees are also required to complete on hour of training on the Code of Governmental Ethics each year.

Employees must use their Louisiana Tech email address when creating an account. Those who have already registered should access their accounts again by using the same username and password that was previously created.

According to the statute, failure to comply with the requirements of training constitutes a violation of the Ethics Code. Any public employee who is found to have violated any provision of any law within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Board can be removed, suspended, or ordered to have a reduction in pay or demotion by the Ethics Board. The board can also impose a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or both.

The State requires that we are able to show proof of all employees that have taken the mandated training so we ask that all employees login and do the training individually unless the training is coordinated by HR in a group setting.

Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

All employees are required to complete Sexual Harassment training within 90 days of hire and once per calendar year.

The Sexual Harassment training was mandated by Louisiana Senate Concurrent Resolution 107 (passed in 2012) wherein the Louisiana Senate resolved that all state agencies should provide sexual harassment training to each public employee each year.

This course will teach employees how to define sexual harassment, identify potentially harassing behaviors, recognize forms of sexual harassment and partner with Human Resources in the compliant process at the University.

To begin the training course:

  1. Log into LEO starting with the button below
  2. Click My Training
  3. Select CPTP Preventing Sexual Harassment

You will need to navigate through a series of slides to completion. There are three sections of the course.

Driver safety training requirements

If you are driving while working at Louisiana Tech University, you must complete a series of state-required training sessions. Each of the required sessions and forms is located below.

Faculty and staff giving

It takes all of us at Louisiana Tech University to get a student from orientation to diploma. As faculty and staff, you invest your time and talents into our students every day. You also have the opportunity to make a financial impact by providing scholarships, strengthening academic colleges and programs, beautifying our campus, or supporting specific projects and initiatives. Payroll deduction is an easy way for you to make that financial impact. Bring your completed form to Human Resources to set up your payroll deduction.