Life on Campus

Orientation FAQs

Why are we moving to an online orientation format?

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Gov. John Bel Edwards’ highlighted the concerning growth of COVID cases among the younger populations in the state. It was at this moment that we decided an in-person orientation is no longer the responsible option for our University community and the hundreds of  guests we expected to bring to campus. While we had hopes that July would bring declining cases and lessened fears of spread, the reality is that we are not out of the woods yet, and we cannot risk the health and safety of our students and parents.  

Is there a cost for online orientation?

While our summer orientation will no longer be taking place in person, we are excited to offer extended sessions that will include online informational courses plus virtual advising and course registration during the summer along with supplemental, in-person activities during our fall Welcome Week (the week leading up to the first day of classes). For this reason, we will continue to assess the $150 fee for all online orientation participants.

The orientation fee typically covers the cost of your on-campus participation in the summer. This includes facility rentals, meals, a t-shirt, lanyard, pen, orientation bag and cost of our orientation app, Bulldogs First Bite. This year, many of these expenses will still be incurred, and we will put the remaining funds to use in other ways to continue providing you with resources and events that prepare you for college life.

You will still receive all orientation materials (pen, lanyard, orientation bag, and t-shirt) along with freshman-only meals and activities during Welcome Week. In addition, each freshman will receive a FREE copy of the FYE 100 textbook, Convocation to Graduation ($35 value).  We will continue to evaluate the usage of your fee and ensure that you are provided resources and welcome activities to ease your transition to life as a college student.


When will I be able to complete my online orientation?

Your online orientation will be available to you beginning on the Monday of your previously scheduled orientation week (i.e. if you were registered for July 29 – 31, you will be able to access orientation on Monday, July 27). Orientation will be presented through Moodle, Louisiana Tech’s Learning Management System. Instructions will be given on how to access Moodle and the orientation course.

How will I register for Fall classes?

Advising and Registration is a critical part of orientation. As a part of our online orientation, you will be guided through this process with the assistance of representatives from the academic colleges. We will have support links available to assist you if you have any issues!


What will happen to Parent Orientation?

If you were previously signed up for parent orientation, we will be refunding your payment. However, make sure to check your email for a link to a Zoom meeting that will be happening during the session where you will still be able to receive information about your student attending Louisiana Tech and resources available to them!  We want to make sure you feel supported and are provided all of the information you need as a parent, so be on the lookout for more information to come soon!


Can I switch my orientation date?

No, students will remain scheduled for their currently registered orientation session. Students who have not yet registered for a new orientation session must contact the department of orientation ( and will be registered for the Aug 5 – 7 orientation week.

I’m an Honors Student but am/was unable to register for the July 8 - 10 orientation session. Will I still be able to participate in the Honors Program?

Yes. Honors Orientation is not required to participate in the program. Honors Orientation is designed to give participants the benefit of priority registration for Fall classes. If you cannot attend, you will not be able to register for classes first, but will still be able to speak with our Honors Program Director, Dr. Ernest Rufleth, as well as sign up for Honors classes in the Fall.

Can I still sign up for orientation?

Absolutely! We still have space remaining in our last session on August 5-7th.  We’d love to have you join us! To register, email or head to your Kennel account (kennel username). An email invitation will also go out to students who haven’t registered which will allow you to do so.  

When will I be able to take the Math/Chemistry Placement Exam?

Placement exams for Math and Chemistry will now take place in September before the start of classes. Students will still advise for classes during their online orientation. If they take an exam in the Fall and place out of a class they were previously registered for, they will then be able to change their schedule through their academic department.