The Center for Applied Studies (CAPS) is located in Engineering Annex Facility and offers:

  • ~20,000 ft2 of laboratory and office space,
  • Machine shop, Electronic lab, Dark Room,
  • Cerberus: 25-node community cluster with 908 cores and over 70 TB of combined storage,
  • Shared human resources – technical and secretarial staff,
  • 16 faculty from physics, electrical engineering, biology and math, and
  • 2Tflops, 70TB community cluster.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Dentcho Genov (Director)

J. J. Gordano and Entergy Endowed Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering Director, Center for Applied Physics Studies
Research Interests: Optical materials by design, metamaterials, electromagnetic invisibility, light localization in disordered media, percolation theory.
Department: Physics, Electrical Engineering
Phone: (318) 257-4190 Fax: (318) 257-2777 Office: Engineering Annex, Room 220


Dr. Lee Sawyer

Charles and Newllyn Spruell Endowed Professor of Physics Academic Director for Chemistry, Physics, and Nanosystems Engineering & Program Chair for Physics

Research Interests: Experimental high-energy physics.
Departments: Chemistry, Physics, and Nanosystems Engineering
Phone: (318) 257-4053 Fax: (318) 257-3823 Office: Carson-Taylor Hall, Room 316


Dr. Neven Simicevic

Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Experimental techniques, design, and simulations in nuclear physics; electromagnetic, elastic, and acoustic wave propagation and interaction with the material, including biomaterial. Sensors.
Department: Physics
Phone: (318) 257-3591 Fax: (318) 257-4228 Office: Engineering Annex, Room 212 Website:


Dr. Bala “Ramu” Ramachandran

Vice President of Graduate Studies, Director of the Institute of Micromanufacturing, Hazel Stewart Garner Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Computational chemistry, structure, energetics, and reactivity of organolithium compounds; catalytic reactions of oxide clusters and surfaces.
Departments: Chemistry, Physics, Nanosystems Engineering
Phone: (318) 257-4314 Fax: (318) 257-4339 Office: Bogard Hall, Room 330B


Dr. Steven P. Wells

Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Nucleon structure, parity violation, nucleon-nucleon interaction.
Department: Physics
Phone: (318) 257-2194 Fax: (318) 257-4228 Office: Engineering Annex, Room 214


Dr. Markus Wobisch

Associate Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Quantum chromodynamics (QCD), collider physics.
Department: Physics
Phone: (318) 257-4974 Fax: (318) 257-4228 Office: Engineering Annex, Room 207


Dr. Weizhong Dai

McDermott International Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Numerical methods for partial differential equations, fluid dynamic heat transfer, image processing.
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: (318) 257-3301 Fax: (318) 257-2182 Office: Carson-Taylor Hall, Room 243



Dr. John Shaw

Lecturer of Physics

Research Interests: Computational atomic physics, studies of microseisms at LIGO and observational astronomy (variable stars). Department: Physics
Phone: (318) 257-4240 Fax: (318) 257-3823 Office: Carson-Taylor Hall, Room 242



Dr. Collin D. Wick

Century Tel Associate Professor and Program Chair of Chemistry

Research Interests: Computational chemistry and materials science, including aqueous systems, interfaces with water, battery electrode materials, and heterogeneous catalysis.
Department: Chemistry
Phone: (318) 257-2345 Fax: (318) 257-3823 Office: Carson-Taylor Hall, Room 233


Dr. Songming Hou

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Research Interests: Interface and inverse problems.
Departments: Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: (318) 257-3270 Fax: (318) 257-2182 Office: George T. Madison Hall, Room 358


Dr. Thomas C. Bishop

Associate Professor of Physics and Chemistry

Research Interests: Theoretical and computational molecular biology; atomic and coarse-grained simulations; multiscale models of DNA, nucleosomes and chromatin.
Departments: Chemistry, Physics
Phone: (318) 257-5209 Fax: (318) 257-3823 Office: Biomedical Engineering, Room 231


Dr. Arun Jaganathan

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Technology

Research Interests: Advanced sensors for condition assessment of buried infrastructure.
Department: Civil Engineering
Phone: (318) 257-2905 Fax: (318) 257-2306 Office: Bogard Hall, Room 247


Dr. Pedro Derosa

Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Multiscale modeling of organic conductors and nanocomposites.
Departments: Physics, Nanosystems Engineering
Phone: (318) 257-5139 Fax: (318) 257-3823 Office: Institute for Micromanufacturing, Room 110



Fredda Wagner

Administrative Assistant

Department: Physics
Phone: (318) 257-4072 Fax: (318) 257-2777 Office: Engineering Annex, Room 201