Active Authentication System

Desktop Solutions

Active authentication of desktop or laptop users using a collection of effective keyboard-based biometric algorithms that analyze free text input in a variety of ways and capture the unique mechanics of how a user types, the unique aspects of how the user composes text and uses language, and the demographic classifications to which the user belongs.

Mobile Solution

Active authentication of smartphone users based on how they type, execute touch gestures on the screen and how they move while they hold the phone.

  • Multi modal active authentication solutions to determine if a person using a desktop, laptop or smartphone is a genuine user or imposter
  • Highly accurate — rigorous performance evaluation done
  • Non-intrusive
  • Hardened against programmatic, human and robotic attacks utilizing hard-to-mimic complex behaviors, correlation maps between behaviors and liveness tests

Contact Information

Sumeet Dua
500 Dan Reneau Street
Ruston, LA 71272
phone: 318.257.2830