Cybersecurity Research Laboratory

The Cyberspace Research Laboratory at Louisiana Tech is a state of the art facility for cyber centric experimentation. It has advanced virtualization, visualization as well as network capabilities. It also includes a micro aerial vehicle and wireless sensor network laboratory and an FPGA laboratory. The virtualization infrastructure contains 96 CPU cores, 864 GB of memory, and nearly 20 TB of storage that can support over 400 virtual machines. To visualize complex data, our visualization system gives researchers the ability to render large datasets and run graphical simulations on a high-resolution tiled display. The visualization wall is constructed using 15 Dell 30-inch monitors in a 5×3 configuration. An eight-node Dell Precision Workstation cluster powers the 61-megapixel tiled-display system with dual nVidia Quadro FX 5800 graphics cards in each computer. As for network capabilities, the advanced networking lab offers a variety of Cisco equipment for testing different types of networks.