Frequently Asked Questions

Assignment Process


Are freshmen required to live on campus?

All unmarried, full-time, undergraduate students are required to reside on campus as long as space is available.  Applications for exemption from the on-campus residence requirements may be obtained from the Office of Student Life.  Residence hall accommodations are operated on a room and board plan:  All students living on-campus must pay for both services.

How do I request accessible housing accommodations?

If you require housing accommodations based on a disability, you must register with the Office of Disability Services.  Documentation will then be sent to the Assistant Director of Residential Life so that appropriate accommodations can be made for you based on recommendations from the Office of Disability Services.  Completion of paperwork does not guarantee specific accommodations.  Please contact the Office of Disability Services at 318.257.4221 or visit Wyly Tower 318.

What if I need to cancel my housing assignment?

If you need to cancel your housing assignment, you must notify Residential Life in writing (letter, fax, or email). Our email address is 9-month lease agreements must be canceled in writing to before July 15, 2024 for the Academic Year 2024-2025.  12-month lease agreements must be canceled before May 24, 2024 for the 12-month 2024-2025 lease. Canceling your lease does not grant off campus approval.  Please contact the Student Affairs office for information on off campus exemption.  Leases are binding agreements and unable to be canceled after the dates listed above.

Is summer housing available?

Yes, on campus summer housing is available each summer.  In order to be eligible you must be enrolled in university classes.  Students may reside in University Park and Park Place apartments during the summer quarter without being enrolled in classes, provided they have signed a 12 month lease and can provide proof of enrollment for Fall quarter.

If I am dropping below full-time status, do I have to move out?

No.  You may live on campus as long as you are enrolled in at least one class.  If, at any time you drop all classes, you will need to check out.

How do I apply for an apartment?

The application for Residential Life makes you eligible to move into an apartment at any time during your stay on our campus.  There is NOT a separate application for residence halls and apartments.

Are freshmen assigned into the apartments?

Yes.  We have designated apartments for athletics, engineering, honors and National Merit scholars.  Incoming freshmen can be assigned into these apartments if awarded spaces from these groups.  We also have “freshman specific” commons within our apartment complexes.  Freshmen will be able to select their own room/apartment based on their initial application date.  Students assigned into these spaces are not guaranteed to live in the same apartment the following year, as these apartments are designated for freshmen only.

We begin accepting applications in mid October, so the sooner a student applies, the better chance he/she has in receiving his/her first choice.  Assignments of open spaces in the apartments during the academic year are not based on initial application date.  As spaces become available, they are fair game to any student currently living on campus at any time.

How are students assigned to the apartments when a space opens up during the academic year?

If a student comes by our office inquiring about an apartment and a space is open at that time, the student could choose to move into that available apartment.  Our office does not maintain a waiting list for apartment spaces.

Are there freshmen specific residence halls?

Legacy Park apartments, Potts suites and Robinson suites are designated as freshmen only housing.  Therefore, students may only reside in these units during their freshmen year.  There are not specific freshmen residence halls.

How can I get out of my lease once I have checked into my apartment?

A resident is unable to get out of a lease after the cancellations dates listed in their lease.  Once a resident moves into a space, the resident is obligated to the campus lease for the duration.  However, a resident may move to other housing location on campus during that time.

How do you match roommates if I do not request one?

By utilizing the student housing portal, students are able to search for and choose roommates based on their personal profile, profile questions, etc.  We encourage all students to use this opportunity to find a roommate of their choosing and to begin getting to know one another as early as possible.

When will I receive my hall and roommate assignments?

Students will be given a date in which to return to the housing portal, based on their application date, to choose a hall assignment.  At the time that a student selects his/her space, they will receive confirmation of the housing assignment.

What if my roommate and I do not get along?

First, our Residential Life staff will work with you and your roommate(s) to provide mediation opportunities to work through the roommate issues.  Louisiana Tech has an open room change policy, which means that residents can move to a new hall/room as requested and as space permits.  Room changes are often closed the first week and half at the beginning of the quarter and the last week and a half at the end of the quarter due to occupancy checks.  Each week students are able to come to the Housing Office to request a room change on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only.   On Fridays, students are able to pick up the key to their new assignment in the Housing Office at any time between 8am and 5pm only.  Students can begin moving as soon as they have their key.  The student must check out  of the old room by Sunday at midnight.   In instances where an emergency move is necessitated, a student can visit our office and ask to speak to their coordinator, who can assist in making accommodations for the student.

Policies & Regulations

Can I stay in the residence halls during breaks?

Residence halls remain open during most breaks for those students who receive prior approval to stay on campus.  Prior to the break, there will be signs placed in the halls to let you know of the hall closing procedures as well as emails sent to your Tech email address.  Sign-ups for break will only be allowed during an advertised time frame.  If you request to stay after this time has passed, you will incur a $100 late charge.

The following instances may be granted approval, provided that all necessary documentation is presented:

  • Student employment on or off campus – You will need a memo on letterhead from your employer including your name and required work schedule
  • International student or student whose home is outside of a 500 mile radius – You will need a copy of your BOSS screen with home address and a MapQuest map to your home address verifying distance.
  • Educational requirements mandating that student remain on campus while the University is officially closed – You will need a memo on letterhead from your department head/advisor detailing circumstances requiring your stay.  This memo should include your CWID number.
  • Student athletic obligation – You will need a memo on letterhead from your athletic group including your name and CWID number detailing length of stay.

Any other requests may be directed to your hall’s Coordinator during specified dates and times that will be advertised prior to the break.  If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Residential Life at 318.257.4917 or at

Your personal belongings remain in the room during the breaks and do not have to be moved out until either you check out of the residence hall or leave the campus for Summer break.  If you live in one of the apartment complexes on campus, you do not need to get approval to stay during the break.

Residence halls close at noon the day after classes end each quarter. Are there exceptions to stay longer?

Students who have extenuating circumstances that would make it difficult or impossible to move out by the day after classes end for the quarter should consult their Coordinator prior to this date.  Charges may apply to any extensions granted as necessary.

What is your policy with room decorations?

Room decorations are to be in the interior of your room and may not extend into the hallway. You cannot hang items from the ceiling. You may not decorate with any type of alcohol paraphernalia (such as empty alcohol bottles, alcohol brand signs, or shot glasses) or illegal road signs. Staff may ask you to remove door decorations that create a fire hazard or otherwise violate university policy. Items that leave adhesive marks on the walls or large holes in the walls, as well as the use of contact paper or glue to adhere things to the walls or closets of the rooms, are prohibited. If damages result, appropriate charges will be assessed. If you live in the apartments, you should refer to the lease agreement.

How do disciplinary sanctions affect my housing?

You can be evicted from an apartment at any time that you break the lease agreement but must continue to pay the apartment rent until the end of the signed lease agreement.  If you receive a disciplinary sanction within Residential Life, you will be given an appointment with the Judicial Review Board of peers or with the Director of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity in regards to the sanction. You may be given community service hours, a referral to counseling services, academic probation, a restriction of visitation with the halls, or an eviction.

What is the noise policy?

Noise, which is disruptive to other residents, is prohibited both inside and outside of the residence halls.  Excessive noise at any hours is not acceptable. At no time should yelling in the hallway or out the windows be tolerated.  There are not “quiet floors” designated within our halls.  However, our staff reports any disruptive noise issues to be dealt with by our judicial review board.

How do I request a work order for something in my room to be repaired?

Immediately notify the Resident Assistant or Hall Director to request that a work order be submitted detailing the reason for the request.  Be patient, as it may take a few days to get to your request.  Some work within the halls or apartments cannot be completed by Residential Life’s maintenance team and must be sent to be addressed by plumbers or electricians on another staff within the University.  If it has been longer than 3 days since you turned in the work order, please notify your RA again or contact your coordinator.  You may also submit a work order for your room by calling our Building Services office at 318.257.4038 or emailing us at  When emailing your work order requests, please be as detailed as possible about the issue in your room and also include your name, location and a contact number, should we have questions.

Are the residence halls co-ed?

None of the residence halls on Louisiana Tech’s campus are co-ed.  The University Park, Park Place and Legacy Park apartments house both male and female students, but only students of the same sex may reside in the same apartment.  Robinson and Potts suites have mixed genders on the first floor of each location but not within the same room.  Richardson, Cottingham and Mitchell halls are gender specific by floors and change depending on enrollment for the next year.

Who is responsible for a student’s property?

The student.  Although precaution is taken to maintain adequate security, the University cannot assume the responsibility for the loss of or damage to your possessions.  Consult your family’s homeowner insurance policy to potentially add your personal items.  You may purchase renter’s insurance separately.  We also encourage you to record all serial numbers for expensive items so that, if something comes up missing, the police will have a better chance of locating the item(s).  The University is not responsible for damaged items due to storms, floods or other natural disasters.

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls/apartments?

Louisiana Tech is a tobacco-free and smoke-free campus.  Smoking and the use of all tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipe, hookah-smoked products, e-cigarettes, and oral smokeless or spit are prohibited at all times, and at all locations of Louisiana Tech University including University-owned or leased facilities, properties, and grounds. Smoking is NOT allowed in any campus residence hall or apartment.

What kind of pets can I keep in my room or apartment?

Students may keep fish in a single 10 gallon or smaller tank.  All other animals or pets are not allowed within the residence halls or apartments.  Any resident found to have an animal living within his/her apartment or residence hall room will be issued a fine of $300.  If a specific roommate takes responsibility for the animal, that individual will be charged the fine.  However, any additional residents in the apartment/room will be sanctioned per judicial processes, as it is a roommate’s responsibility to report any violation of rules and regulations. All animals are considered pets unless/until determined to be a Service or Emotional Support Animal through a reasonable accommodation process. Students seeking to live on-campus with a Service or Emotional Support animal should contact Disability Services as the accommodation process can take time.

What appliances are allowed in the room?

Appliances should be limited to TVs, 700 watt microwaves or less, 4.8 cubic feet or smaller refrigerators, radios, stereos, clocks and hair care devices.  Basically, appliances with an open heating element or burner and/or those that may cause ventilation problems are not permitted in students’ rooms.  Be sure to check out our “Things to Bring Checklist” on our site for more details on what you can and cannot bring to campus as well as our Dogtown Community Bulletin.

What about alcohol and drugs in the residence halls or apartments?

Under no circumstances can a student have alcohol or drugs in the residence halls or apartments.

May I paint my room or apartment?

Only those students living within our traditional residence halls (Adams, Aswell, Dudley and Graham) may paint their rooms.  A swatch of the requested painting color must be attached to the contract.  Coordinators will approve or disapprove requested painting colors (Dark colors are not permitted).  Apartments and suites may not be painted.

What is the visitation policy on campus?

Visitation hours in the residence halls and the suites are from 10am until midnight daily (Sunday-Saturday).  All guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times.  There is a 1:1 ratio (only one girl to one guy and vice versa).  There are not specific visitation hours at the apartments, unless determined in a roommate contract.  Residents are encouraged to respect their roommates while hosting guests.  Guests of the opposite sex are not permitted to stay the night in the residence halls and at the apartments.

Can I have overnight guests?

You can have a guest spend the night as long as it is the same sex of the student that is assigned to that specific room or apartment.  The same guest is only allowed to stay up to three nights per quarter.  All guests must be accompanied by their host at all times.  Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  If someone other than another Louisiana Tech University student is planning to stay overnight, you must preregister the guest with our office first.  Only guests 12 years of age or older will be allowed to stay on campus to visit an enrolled student.  Any student found in violation of this policy (entertaining a guest who is not registered) will be written up and possibly fined.


What utilities are included in the rent?

Electricity, water, air-conditioning and heating, and one data connection per student.  Residence halls and suites have custodial service that clean the public areas and community bathrooms.  Residential Life staff do not clean student rooms or the inside of the University Park, Park Place and Legacy Park apartments.

How Do I Recieve Mail?

You are notified by email for each letter, magazine or package received. When placing an order online ALWAYS verify your shipping address to your current
location. Package location # is found in the email notification from Office Services. Photo ID card is required.

Shipping Address:

Name as appears on your CWID
305 Wisteria St                                                             ALL students in Louisiana Tech housing should use this format.
Ruston, LA 71272

How do I get internet access in my room?

You and your roommate each have an Ethernet port for access to the University’s high speed internet.  Internet access is available through the computing center.  In order to gain access to this service, you must have a Louisiana Tech assigned email account.  You will need to bring your own Ethernet chord to be able to connect to the internet in your residence hall or apartment.  Wireless internet is also available in most housing locations.

Can I bring any extra furniture?

You are allowed to bring extra furniture.  HOWEVER, any furniture that is Louisiana Tech property (bed frames, mattresses, chairs, etc.) MUST STAY IN THE ROOM/APARTMENT AND CANNOT LEAVE CAMPUS.  Louisiana Tech does not provide storage for extra items.  Everything that you bring must fit into your room.

Can I bring a refrigerator or microwave to the residence hall?

Yes, you may bring your own refrigerator and microwave to campus but they must fit the regulations.  Refrigerators must be no larger than 4.8 cubic feet and microwaves can be no larger than 700 watts.  This is to promote the safety of our residents from electrical fires.

What are the standard bed sizes?

Please review the link to “Housing Options” and your specific location to determine the bed size of your room.  Residential Life provides a limited number of extra long mattress that can be requested by contacting our office at 318.257.4038 several weeks before Fall move in.  Students requesting an extra long mattress must be at least six foot and four inches and provide a copy of their driver’s license to verify.  In University Park and Park Place apartments, the bed is a standard full size.

What furniture is included?

Please see our page listing specific hall descriptions for further details for your residence hall or the on-campus apartments.

Where should I park my bicycle?

Bicycles are only allowed to be stored in bike racks and cannot be placed in stairwells and/or entryways.  Bicycle racks are available in various locations across campus.  It is a safety code violation if placed in any other location.  You must register your bike with the Louisiana Tech Traffic Office.

Do the residence halls have laundry facilities?

Each hall/apartment has assigned laundry rooms for the residents to use.  The machines are $0.75 to wash and $0.75 to dry. Residents can utilize the app to pay for use.  Information regarding the app payments can be found posted in the laundry rooms. Apartments located in Caruthers D, Neilson, McFarland, Jenkins, Hutcheson, Pearce and Harper have a washer and dryer located within the apartment, which can be used at no additional charge.  Also, our Robinson and Potts suites and Richardson, Mitchell and Cottingham Halls have washer and dryers that can be utilized by residents at no additional charge.

What should I leave at home?

DO NOT BRING: coffee pots with hot plates, candles, any pets except fish, guns, firearms, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, space heaters and any item with open heating elements.  Please refer to the “Things to Bring Checklist” for a detailed list of items that not allowed in the residence halls.

How often are rooms cleaned?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.  Our custodial staff does daily (M-F) cleaning of common bathrooms, lounges, and other public areas as well as light cleaning on weekends.  Apartments are only cleaned at the end of Spring quarter, once all residents have vacated the apartment, and before Fall quarter, in preparation for new residents.

Are there elevators in the halls?

No, our housing facilities do not have access to elevators.

Will my room be carpeted?

All bedrooms are carpeted other than those in our traditional halls – Adams, Aswell, Dudley and Graham halls.

What do I do if a washing machine or dryer breaks in a laundry room?

A resident may contact our Building Services office at 318.257.4038 to report such issues.  The resident may also scan the QR code located near the machines to report the issue to our contractor.

What do I do if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys, you are responsible for the cost of changing the locks.  Tell your Resident Assistant if you lose your key and they will write a work order.  It is a violation of state law and University policy to duplicate a key to any lock on University property.  A Residential Life staff member can ask to see your key at any time if they suspect you have lost it.

How do I appeal a charge I received from Residential Life?

The student may file a written appeal with the Director of Residential Life.

My son/daughter was supposed to call me when they got back to school but I haven’t heard from them! Can you help?

The parent can also call the Residential Life office Monday through Friday 8am-5pm at 318.257.4917.  University Police may also be contacted at 318.257.4018 to initiate a welfare check.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA) and a Hall Director (HD) and what do they do?

A resident assistant is a student staff member who is employed by the Department of Residential Life to serve as a resource for our students who live on campus.  Each floor within our traditional residence halls has a resident assistant and our apartments share a staff of resident assistants.  A resident assistant is a student who works duty nights at the front desk of the hall, plans programs/events to help residents get to know one another within the hall, and assists residents with various concerns while living on campus.

A hall director is a senior/graduate level student staff member who is employed by the Department of Residential Life to manage the operations and staff of the residence halls or apartments.  Each residence hall and apartment complexes have a hall director who serves as the liaison between the Residential Life office and the student staff/residents.  The hall director lives in an apartment within each hall and provides guidance and supervision for their resident assistant staff.  He/she communicates daily with Res Life professionals regarding maintenance/custodial issues within the halls, resident or roommate concerns, staff management, or program/event planning.

What are the benefits of being a resident assistant?

Resident assistants are paid for 20 hours of work each week at minimum wage and receive a private room.  Resident assistants have the opportunity to give back to the University by creating meaningful experiences for our on campus students!  Being a resident assistant teaches leadership, communication, teamwork and various other skills beneficial to students once they graduate.

Move In And Move Out

When do the residence halls/apartments open?

The Move In schedule is posted on our webpage entitled “Move In Information”.  For Winter and Spring quarters, the halls typically open the Sunday or Monday before classes begin.  Your assignment email will list specific dates and times.

I need to move in before the halls officially open, is this possible?

You are allowed to move in early if you are a part of a university-approved group or team that requests these accommodations by the deadline and have been approved by the Department of Residential Life.  The Department or Advisor should submit a list of the students along with their CWID#.  You can ONLY check in during the date and time given to the group. No early arrivals are available for Fall 2024.


What type of activities will be available for students during the first few weeks of school?

The move in period and the first week of classes are special times for all incoming students, staff members, and returning Louisiana Tech students.  Residence hall staff will be planning floor and hall activities so students can become familiar with other residents within their community.  The University sponsors Welcome Week for all incoming students with organized events every day.  The schedule for Welcome Week activities can be found on the First Year Experience website.

What is the deadline for moving out of my room and checking out?

If a student chooses to move off campus or leave the university, he/she will need to be checked out by noon the day following the last day of classes for that quarter.  Please note that you must first be approved to live off campus.  All express check out forms or check outs completed with a staff member present must be completed by this date and time.  Any students moving out later than the deadline will be assessed a late check out fee.  Any students who do not correctly check out and/or turn in keys will be assessed a charge as well.

How do I check out of my apartment/residence hall?

Before a check out should be initiated, the resident needs to make sure that all belongings are out of the room/apartment and the room/apartment have been cleaned.    Once this has been accomplished, a resident has two options.  Residents may choose to check out with a staff member (resident assistant or hall director) or opt to complete an express check out form.  If checking out with a staff member, the resident would contact a staff member during advertised check out hours.  The staff member will accompany the resident to the room, check the resident’s keys in the lock and assess the condition of the room in comparison to the assessment completed by the resident upon move in.  Once the staff member has checked the room for damages, the resident will be given a check out slip to sign.  The resident should retain the copy of the check out slip.

If the resident chooses to complete an express check out form, he/she may pick up this form from the Residential Life office during business hours or from a resident assistant.  The express check out form enables the resident to move out and leave at a time when a staff member may not be on duty.  The resident should  complete the form and insert the room/apartment key and fob (if applicable) into the express check out envelope.  The express check out envelope should be dropped into one of the blue locked boxes located in either laundry mat at the apartments or located at the front desk of each residence hall.  If a resident fails to complete this form correctly, return the key, or leave the necessary paperwork in one of the above locations, he/she may incur additional charges.  Residents may be assessed additional cleaning or maintenance charges following his/her check out.  Checking out with a staff member does not guarantee that the resident will not incur charges.  Please contact our office at 318.257.4917 with any questions regarding the check out process.