Department of Residential Life Policies and Procedures

Board of Trustees Policy

In compliance with the Louisiana Board of Trustees resolution, it is the policy of the University that all unmarried, full-time, undergraduate students with 80 hours or less, regardless of age or whether or not emancipated, will be required to live in a residence hall as long as space is available.  Students found violating this policy will be required to move into the residence hall system and pay full room rent for the quarter in which the violation occurred.

Forms for making application for consideration of the exemption from the on campus residence requirements may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs, Keeny Hall 305.  Forms must be returned at least 25 days prior to the first day of registration for the quarter of the application in order to ensure full consideration before registration.  Action taken on applications received on time will be emailed not later than five days prior to first day of registration for the quarter.  Residence hall accommodations are operated on a room and board plan: all undergraduate students, living in the residence hall system, must pay for the two services.

You may remain in the same room during the academic year unless you request a room change at the Residential Life Office or unless the room is unavailable due to repairs, renovations, closure, disciplinary relocation, or consolidation.  During the Winter quarter students living by themselves may be asked to find a roommate.  In the event that a roommate is not found, Room Assignments will assist students by providing a list of rooms that have been leased at the double occupancy rate, when requested.  After the posted deadline date, students will be charged the private room rate until the room is canceled or filled by an additional roommate.  Consolidation does not apply to those paying a private room rate.

Opening and Closing of Halls

The dates for the opening and closing of all residence halls are posted in the University Calendar. A limited number of halls are open each summer. All buildings close at the end of Spring Quarter regardless of 9 month or 12 month lease, and all residents must check out. Residents who vacate a hall after its posted closing time without authorization will be assessed a fee.

Summer Assignments

A limited number of residence halls are open for summer.  Those living in the summer halls must check out of their current assignment before the residence halls close at the end of spring quarter.  Students residing on campus for summer quarter will be able to check-in at a specified date and time sent to them through their Louisiana Tech email.


Residents will be required to reserve their on campus space during the spring quarter in preparation for the subsequent fall quarter.  Residents will pay a $100 non-refundable reservation fee to secure a fall assignment each year.  Students may opt to cancel their reservation based on the deadlines provided in the lease, which is signed on the housing portal at the time of booking.  If a student cancels by the deadline, he/she will not receive a refund of their reservation fee.  Any student who misses the cancellation deadline will be held to the lease agreement.

Private Rooms

You may contract a private room on a space-available basis by signing a private room contract at the Residential Life Office.  Typically, private rooms are not assigned to freshmen for fall quarter.  Private room rates are announced quarterly on the University’s fee sheet.  If the contract is signed after the beginning of a quarter, the price is prorated.  To revoke a private room, a roommate must be secured at the Residential Life Office.  There is no refund of private room rent.  Canceling a private room at registration does not cancel your contract.  Private rooms for the fall are only available as space permits and at the discretion of the Residential Life Office.  Private room availability for other quarters is issued when space is available.

Room Changes

All room changes must be initiated in the Residential Life Office located on the first floor of Wyly Tower in the BARC.  Each student who will be moving must be present to request permission to change.  If all students moving cannot be present, one student must have written authorization for the change from the absent student(s) including the signatures, student numbers and a copy of the students’ IDs for all involved in the move.  You must first go to the Residential Life Office to secure written permission before any change or transfer of belonging takes place.  Moving without permission is a $50 fine.  Also, failure to complete a room change within time allotted can result in a $50 fine.

Use the following procedure in making a room change:

  1. Room changes may be requested on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Room Assignments office within the BARC/Wyly Tower.  Paperwork will be sent to the building to let staff know who is changing rooms that week.  Any resident who is scheduled to receive a new roommate will be emailed as well.  
  2. Student who initiated a room change during the week may pick up the key to their new assigned room/apartment between 8am and 5pm at the BARC/Residential Life office.  Students may begin moving into their new room as soon as they have their key.  
  3. The student must check out of their old room/building by midnight on Sunday of the weekend of their move.  Any student failing to do so may be charged for an incomplete room change.

Room changes are not complete until keys to the old room have been returned.  Fines will be assessed for any changes not completed before midnight on the Sunday after the room change was initiated.  Extensions are granted only by the Director and must be requested prior to the actual documented room change.

Any student requesting an emergency room change and who cannot wait until the weekend to move may visit our office and speak to their Coordinator.  The Coordinator will make the decision to accommodate the student depending on the severity of the situation.

End of the Quarter Room Changes

End of the quarter room changes occur at the end of each quarter so that current students may have a longer period to move into a new room for the upcoming quarter.  For an end of quarter room change, you must check out from your old room before residence halls close for the quarter (typically at noon the day after classes end).  Failure to make an end of the quarter room change in the proper manner or within the allotted time can result in a $50 fine.  Only spaces that are currently available will be up for choosing.  Spaces are not available until check out documentation is received in the Department of Residential Life.

Responsibility for Damages

Damage to a room is the responsibility of the room’s residents.  Any resident or guest who causes damages or allows damages to occur in a student room or in or around the residence halls will be required to pay for the restoration of that area.  If it cannot be established which resident caused or allowed the damage in a room, all residents of the room will be held equally responsible for restoration costs.  In addition students are subject to university disciplinary actions as well as possible criminal prosecution.  The resident is responsible for all damaged items in his or her room not reported on the room condition report given to the resident at check in.  Repair and replacement costs can be substantial.  Department administrators determine the actual repair or replacement costs.  Only the Department can authorize repairs or modifications in the residence halls.


When you change rooms or move from the residence halls, you must be checked out by an RA.  The RA must be notified in advance, if you are not checking out during regular scheduled checkout times.  If you are checking out at the end of the quarter, you must do so before the building closes or you will be fined.  Residents who vacate a hall after its posted closing time without authorization will be assessed a fee.  Residents will be notified of building closing times via their Tech email as well as through fliers located within the residence halls.  All residence hall students must check out before the close of each spring quarter.  Only students who will be remaining in their same rooms during summer do not check out during spring quarter.  All student rooms are vacated between summer and fall quarters.  The student who leaves the resident halls system and remains in school will forfeit the unexpended portion of room rent for the quarter.

Use the following procedure in checking out:

  1. Move everything out from your side of the room.  Sweep, mop and clean your side as well.
  2. Locate a resident assistant to complete the check out procedures.  The RA will retrieve your room keys, once he/she has assessed the room for any damages.  The RA will compare your room condition report (completed at move in) to the room’s current condition and fill out a checkout slip.  You should retain your copy of the checkout slip.
  3. In the unlikely event that a resident assistant is not available, you may pick up an express check out form from our office to complete, enclose the key and place in the locked blue box at the front desk of your resident hall or in the laundry rooms at the apartments.

Students leaving the residence halls without checking out will be charged for lock changes, fines and other associated charges.

Relocation and Consolidation

Any student, when deemed necessary by University officials, may be moved to another room or another residence hall.  In order to make the most efficient use of all residence halls, the University reserves the right to close any residence hall and move its residents to other buildings.  As stated on the initial housing application, the Department of Residential Life adheres to the policy that any student contracting at the double occupancy rate must retain a roommate at all times in order to avoid additional fees.

Winter Squeeze

At approximately the third week of the winter quarter, students who have not paid for private rooms and are living alone will be notified by the Residential Life Office to take one of the following steps:

  1. Come to the Residential Life office to choose another room.
  2. Find a roommate and follow rooms change procedures.  The Res Life staff can assist any resident with this process.
  3. Contract with the Res Life office for a private room and pay the prorated charge for the remaining days of the quarter.  Private rates will be continual until a private room is cancelled and a roommate is secured.
  4. If no move or roommate is obtained by the deadline, a student will be charged private room fees for the remainder of the academic year.

The student should be aware that a space in his or her room is considered vacant and may be chosen by another student at any time.

Room Rent

Every effort is made by the University to keep room rent as low as possible for all students.  It is the policy of the University that students contract for room rent on a quarterly basis.  Residence hall accommodations are operated on a room and board plan: all students living in the residence hall system must pay for the two services.  Requests for information pertaining to room rates should be made to the Res Life office located in the BARC.

Residence Hall Room Contract

The residence hall room contract is a legal document, an agreement between the student and the State of Louisiana Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities.  Any questions regarding the contract should be addressed to the Department’s staff in the BARC; residence hall student staff members are not authorized to offer interpretation concerning any of the contract provisions.  This contract is made and accepted subject to the applicable provisions of the University Catalog and University publications.