Loyalty Award – Unclassified

The Loyalty Award is intended to recognize and reward an unclassified employee for extraordinary loyalty, dedication and service to the university, their fellow employees and/or students.


  • Full time unclassified employee who has been employed within the university for 7+ years.  (A staff member may be selected no more than once every seven years)
  • Goes above and beyond standard responsibilities to deliver quality service to faculty, staff and students
  • Shows excellence in service and loyalty to the university
  • Collaborates with other departments on campus
  • Commitment to meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff
  • Exudes Louisiana Tech pride

 Nomination Procedure

Consider nominating a staff member or a team whose members have performed beyond expectations to contribute in a significant way towards the achievement of the University’s mission. To nominate a staff member for an award, simply complete the Award Nomination Form from the following awards listed below. Nominations for the 2020 awards will be accepted through April 10 at 5 p.m.

Only deans, department heads, directors, and university senate committee members are allowed to nominate unclassified employees.


Members of the University Senate Staff Subcommittee will review all nominations and select the top 3-5 candidates.  The nominee will be notified and asked to complete an information packet including letters of support, to be considered for the award.  These nominees will be voted on by the University Senate. 


The individual selected for the Loyalty Award will receive a $1,500 check as well as a plaque commemorating their achievement presented at the Fall Faculty Staff Meeting. 

2022 Nominees

Past Winners

2020-2021 – Will Lancaster

2019-2020 – Ashley Jackson

2018-2019 – Darrell Eddy

2017-2018 – Ryan Richard

2016-2017 –  Danny Schales

2015-2016  – Alicia Ball