Municipal Forums

The Municipal Forum program is sponsored by the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) and the TTC Industry Advisory Board (IAB). The forums are one-day events which bring municipalities and other end users of trenchless technology to learn about trenchless technology developments and exchange information on topics of mutual interest. Forums are offered to employees of any municipality, county, or utility, and to consultants working on behalf of municipalities. They allow end users to exchange ideas, discuss mutual problems, and form networks of support for underground asset management issues.

The program initiated in 1999 and over the years, the forums have been held regularly in various locations in North America. The layout is arranged around a one-day meeting schedule (typically 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM) that allows most participants to travel to and from on the meeting day. The TTC invites speakers to give presentations on topics requested by the host utility. Often presented are details and lessons learned from completed case studies. Field demos can be part of program, but are scheduled by request. Forums end with a closed session attended only by the public employees where they can freely discuss issues.

Cost: Starting from $55 for municipal employees, which includes breakfast/lunch/refreshments and handouts. Optionally, additional $15 for issuing CEU certificates (typically 0.5 CEU for attending one forum).  For more information please contact the TTC at (318) 257-4072.


Recommend Topic

Would like to recommend topic for presentation? Send email to In the email please specify:

  • Forum location/date,
  • Topic (provide details),
  • Your name, company, phone, email

NOTE: This is not for potential presenters. If you wish to present, please go to Offer to Present.


Offer to Present

Would like to present? Check ‘Presenter’s Corner for rules and requirements. Then send email to In the email please specify:

  • Forum location/date,
  • Topic (provide details),
  • Your name, company, phone, cell phone, email
  • Your bio highlighting expertise in topic you wish to present.


Presenters’ Corner

Printable version: PresenterGuidelines.pdf

Presentation Selection Process 
Presenters’ To Do Checklist 
Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations 
Guidelines for Presenters: What to Bring to Forums

Presentation Selection Process

Who can present at the TTC forums? Professionals who are knowledgeable of trenchless technology and capable of delivering quality educational presentations.

If interested in presenting at any of scheduled municipal forums, potential presenters need to inform the TTC of their interest in presenting by sending email to as early as possible. Those interested to present at several forums should include their order of preference for locations. At this time the potential presenters need to submit the topics of their presentations.

The TTC makes the selection of presentations for each forum based on several parameters. The most important factors are the input from the municipal participants and their preferences for topics. Other important selection parameters are the technical content, the quality, and the degree of product branding in the presentation.

Presenters’ Checklist

The guidelines shown below apply to the presenters that have been confirmed by the TTC:

1. Submit TITLE and ABSTRACT 
DUE: At time of scheduling.

  • Titles should be fairly short (no more than 70 characters).
  • Abstracts should be 50-150 words long and should clarify what topic and material the presenters will cover.
2. Presenter’s Fee
DUE: At time of scheduling.
  • The following fee applies to presenters: $500 for 30 min presentations, $750 for 45 min presentations, and $1,000 for 60 min presentations.
  • Fee waivers apply for TTC IAB members and supporters, and to municipal employees giving presentations.

3. Submit PowerPoint Presentation
DUE: By submission deadline.

  • PowerPoint presentations must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines provided below.
  • Submission deadline for all forums: No later than 10 days before the forum dates.


Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations

  • Contents: The presentations should be educational (explain the methods/techniques) but avoid a sales pitch (do not unduly praise company products or services). Municipal participants like presentations from the engineer’s point of view and hope to hear about case studies – design details, specifications, construction challenges, lessons learnt, costs, etc.
  • Presentation template: There is no TTC presentation template to use for preparing presentations.
  • Maximum number of slides in 30-min presentations should be between 30 and 45 slides (i.e., between 1 and 1.5 slide per minute). For longer presentation slots (e.g., 45 min, 60 min), this number is extrapolated accordingly.
  • The first slide should show the title, presenter’s name and company, and the forum location and date. The company logo may be included.
  • The last slide may include contact information of the presenter and other contacts and/or web sites indicating where to look for additional information about the presented material. The company logo may be included.
  • Other slides in the presentation should not include the company logo. The names of specific branded products may be shown in pictures and, if necessary, in the text but sparsely. Exceptions may apply to some forums where, at the request of the organizing municipality, no product/company names are allowed on any but the first and the last slide – the presenters will be notified about these forums at time of scheduling.
  • Movie clips may be included in the following file formats: WMV (Windows Media Video), or MPEG. When submitting, the presenter should give the numbers of slides with movie clips.
  • Font size: Recommended font size is between 24 and 32. The minimum readable on-screen point size is 20. Having too much text should be avoided because people won’t be able to read it easily. Text should be readable in handouts made with 6 slides per page.
  • Charts and lines: The bigger text and legends are, the more readable the information presented on charts. Lines should be at least 2.25 points thick. Charts should be readable in handouts made with 6 slides per page.
  • Screening: The TTC will screen the submitted presentations for content, accuracy and objectivity. If believed necessary, the TTC may consult other experts in the industry about particular slides, data, information, or statements in the presentation. The TTC may request changes to some slides. The TTC is the final adjudicator of acceptability.
  • Final version deadline: The final version of the presentation that will be used in the forum (all corrections approved) must be received by the TTC three business days before the forum. The TTC may request this deadline a little earlier if there is a holiday or some other special circumstance.
  • LAST MINUTE CHANGES to presentations are not allowed. If any last minute changes need to be made to the presentation, the TTC moderator must be notified before the forum and allowed to see and approve the changes.


Guidelines for Presenters: What to Bring to Forums

The TTC prepares handouts of all presentations in the form of booklet (6 slides per page, printed double-sided, B&W, and tape bound). The presenters may bring the following additional handouts to the forum such as:

  • Selected slides from the presentation printed in color;
  • Company/product brochures, product samples, gift bags, etc.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Printable version: MF_Sponsors-Exhibitors.pdf

The TTC is pleased to announce the municipal forums sponsorship opportunities. This is a great opportunity to maximize your company’s exposure and make the most of your marketing budget while supporting the program. Consider one of the two sponsorship levels or/and exhibiting at the forums:

Super Sponsor ($750)

  • Company featured on a special TTC display
  • Opportunity to speak at lunch
  • Display of company banner (Supplied by Sponsor) at event
  • Acknowledgment in handouts
  • Acknowledgment on TTC web site
  • Exhibit space (where applicable)
  • Two (2) FREE registrations

Sponsor ($500)

  • Display of company banner (Supplied by Sponsor) at event
  • Acknowledgment in handouts
  • Acknowledgment on TTC web site
  • Exhibit space (where applicable)
  • One (1) FREE registration

Exhibitor ($300) *** Available In Some Forums Only

  • Exhibit space
  • One (1) FREE registration
3. SPONSOR $500 $500
4. SUPER SPONSOR $750 $750

A. Instructions for becoming an Exhibitor:

    • Register online as an Exhibitor.

B. Instructions for becoming a Sponsor:

    • Register online as a Sponsor. If also presenting, this will require another separate registration.

C. Instructions for getting a complementary exhibit table:

    • If registered as a Presenter or Sponsor, contact TTC asking for a complementary exhibit table. If available, TTC will allocate one for you.

Payment methods available:

    • Credit card online (at time of registering)
    • Check:
      • Make a check payable to Trenchless Technology Center.
      • In the memo field specify the forum location and date.
      • Mail to: TTC, P.O. box 10348, Ruston, LA 71272.
    • Credit Card via phone: Call TTC at (318) 257-4072.


Forum Dates


Forum Location Date Host Brochure Agenda with Abstracts
 MN Bloomington Thu,
Eric Wharton, City of Bloomington   YES MFMN2017.PDF
 CA Long Beach Tue,
Jinny Huang, Long Beach Water Department   YES MFCA2017.PDF
 MA Boston Wed,
Irene McSweeney, Boston Water and Sewer Commission   YES MFMA2017.PDF
 RI Providence Thu,
Margaret Goulet, Narraganset Bay Commission   YES MFRI2017.PDF

Forum details and registering:

Would you like to host a forum? Please contact Dr. John Matthews at


Forum Location Date Host Sponsor
WA Vancouver Thu, 12/08/16 Colleen Harold, City of Portland
Eric Schadler, City of Vancouver
WA Seattle Tue, 12/06/16 John Jurgens, City of Seattle  
TX San Antonio Thu, 12/01/16 Jeff Haby, SAWS  
LA Shreveport Thu, 11/10/16 Ali Mustapha, Caddo Levy District  
OH Columbus Thu, 11/03/16 James Gross, Columbus Public Utilities  
MN Bloomington Thu, 05/19/16 Eric Wharton, City of Bloomington  
CO Denver Tue, 05/17/16 Thomass Blackman, City/Co of Denver S1E
MA Springfield Thu, 02/11/16 Joshua Schimmel, Springfield WSC  
WA Vancouver Thu, 12/03/15 Randy Hess, City of Portland and Eric Schadler, City of Vancouver  –
FL Sarasota Tue 11/17/15 Steve Topovski, City of Sarasota Carollo Engineers
OH Columbus Tue 11/10/15 James Gross, Columbus Public Utilities  –
NY New York Tue 09/15/15 Dino Ng, City of NY Dept of Construction  –
IL Chicago Tue 06/02/15 Kevin Fitzpatrick, MWRD of Greater Chicago  –
TX San Antonio Thu 05/28/15 Jeff Haby, San Antonio Water System BlueGreen Municipal Solutions
LA Shreveport Thu 05/21/15 Ali Mustapha, Caddo Levee District BlueGreen Municipal Solutions
WA Seattle Tue 05/19/15 John Jurgens, City of Seattle Carollo Engineers
MN Bloomington Thu 05/14/15 Eric Wharton, Bloomington PW  –
MA Boston Thu 04/30/15 Irene McSweeney, Boston WSC Green Mountain Pipeline Services


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