Louisiana Tech Post Office


The primary mission of the Louisiana Tech Post Office is to provide speedy and secure distribution of mail and packages for all currently employed Faculty, Staff, Departments and enrolled on-campus students.

General Information

The mail room provides all Domestic USPS postal services to its students residing in campus housing. Students will retain mail services as long as they reside in Louisiana Tech campus housing. Mail fees are collected along with dorm room fees.

For off-campus students who wish to rent postal services, they can inquire about it at the customer service window.

Students are automatically entered into our database upon paying dorm fees. Please let us know as soon as possible if mail/packages are being returned.

UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS mail/packages are processed daily upon arrival. Please allow time for the mail center staff to complete processing before inquiring about your packages. You will receive an email from Office Services when your mail and/or packages are ready.

International mailing is limited to letter-sized envelopes, weighing up to one ounce. All other international mail must be delivered to the Ruston Post Office for processing.

Student Mailing Address Format

To receive mail and packages, your university mailing address should be in the following format:

(Recipient’s FIRST AND LAST NAME) REQUIRED (as seen on Louisiana Tech Student ID)
305 Wisteria St (middle name helpful for students with common names)
Ruston, LA 71272  

*Please note any mail or package received without proper addressee information will be immediately returned to sender. The recipient’s first and last name on the mail or package MUST match their student ID.

*Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited and will be returned to sender.

Mail & Package Pick-Up

Students must present their student ID card to pick up packages. If items are purchased by someone else (e.g. mom) all items must be “in care of” the person intended. Such as phones, electronic devices, books, etc.

Only the person to whom the package is addressed may receive the package.

UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver student packages to the mail center only. Do not reference your dorm street or room number.

*Note: If package tracking has a “delivered” status you will receive an email from Office Services after it has been processed.

Mail and packages delivered to the mail center will be held for ten days. Please make plans to retrieve them as soon as possible.

If you wish to inquire about your package you must have the tracking number available.

Department Mail Format

Recipient’s name or Department name (optional)
PO Box _ _ _ _
Ruston, LA 71272

Department Shipping Format

Recipient’s Name or Department Name (Optional)
(Physical Address) #_ _ _ _ (# PO Box number required)
Ruston, LA 71272
Department PO Box Numbers
Department Name PO Box
Academic Affairs 3188
Academy Markt. Science 3072
Admin Affairs 3151
Admissions 3178
AE Phillips 10168
Ag Sciences 10198
Alpha Chi Omega 3127
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3139
Alpha Phi Alpha 3129
Alumni 3183
Applied/Natural Sciences 10197
Aramark 3085
Architecture 3147
Art 3175
Arts & Sciences 3044
Athletics 3046
Aviation 3181
BARC 3054
Biology 3179
Biomed 10157
Bookstore 10378
Building & Grounds 10288
Business 10318
Career Center 3153
Chi Alpha 3125
CI & L 3161
CITDL 10167
Club Sports 3136
Communications and Media Studies 10258
Comptroller 7924
Computing Center 3184
Counseling Center 3177
Disability Services 3009
Div of Info Technology 3004
Education 3163
Engineering 10348
English 3162
Enrollment Management 3146
Enterprise Center 3145
Environmental Safety 3187
Faculty Senate 3067
Financial Aid 7925
Football 3156
Foreign Language 3086
Forestry 10138
Grad School 7923
Health & Science (KINE) 3176
History 8548
Housing 3174
Human Ecology 3167
IFM 10137
Infirmary 3023
Institute on Blindness 3158
Institutional Research 3148
Integrated Engineering & Science 3169
Internal Auditor 3013
Intramurals 3137
ISO 3037
KLPI 8638
Library 10408
LTARC 3185
Marketing & Publications 3172
Media Relations 3166
Medical Records (HIM) 3171
Men’s Basketball 3186
Music 3144
Nursing 3152
OIPC 3043
Personnel  HR 3173
Phi Mu 3094
Post Office 3100
President 3168
Psy/Behavioral Science 10048
Purchasing 3157
Registrar 3155
School of Performing Arts 8608
Security 3003
Social Science 9988
Speech 3165
Student Affairs 3164
Student Center 8578
Student Gov. Assoc. 3087
Student Union 8566
Tech Pointe 3159
Technical Services 3016
University Hall 3062
University Research 3092
VP Research & Development 8577
VP Research Partnership 8597
Wesley Foundation 3005
Women’s Athletics 10228

Contact Information

Devery Rowland
Director of Postal Services
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA

Campus Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:25 pm

Summer Schedule:
8:00 am – 4:25 pm Monday – Thursday
8:00 am – 12:25 pm Friday