President’s Office – Personnel Directory


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Athletics Council

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Compliance and Title IX

Carrie Miller Flournoy

Executive Assistant to the President, Title IX & Compliance Coordinator

Office: Wyly Tower 1620

Phone: 318.257.3785

Fax: 318.257.2928

Email: flournoy@latech.edu

External Affairs

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Internal Auditor

Robert L. Grafton CPA

Director of Internal Audit

Office: Howard Center Room 200

Phone: 318.257.2111

Fax: 318.257.2372

Email: rgrafton@latech.edu

Legal Counsel

Planning and Advancement

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University Communications

Teddy Allen


Office: WYLT 1225

Phone: 318.257.4854

Email: teddy@latech.edu

Mark Coleman

Graphic Designer

Office: Wyly Tower 1225

Phone: 318.257.2091

Email: mcoleman@latech.edu

Danielle Gray

Social Media Strategist

Phone: 318.257.4854

Email: danielle@latech.edu

Elena Parker

Creative Services Manager, Licensing and Trademark Manager

Office: Wyly Tower 1219

Phone: 318.257.4854

Fax: 318.257.4938

Email: eparker@latech.edu

Paula Kay Rose

Administrative Coordinator IV

Office: Wyly Tower 1225

Phone: 318.257.4854

Fax: 318.257.3772

Email: prose@latech.edu

Tonya Oaks Smith

Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing

Office: Wyly Tower 1235

Phone: 318.257.4854

Email: tonya@latech.edu

Tom Soto

Digital Communication Manager

Office: WYLT 1225

Phone: 318.245.4854

Email: tsoto@latech.edu