Manual of Policies and Procedures

The Louisiana Tech’s Policies and Procedures Manual is maintained by the Office of Internal Audit.

The following is general information concerning the Manual of Policies and Procedures of Louisiana Tech University. The policies and procedures described here are not intended to be and should not be interpreted as a contract between the University and any employee. This information does not constitute a legal document nor does it constitute an employment contract. It does not confer any legal rights nor does it create any contractual obligations, expressed or implied.

Policies are updated on a regular basis and the University reserves the right to change, modify, or supersede any of these policies and procedures with or without notice at any time. The University is committed to keeping the Manual of Policies and Procedures up-to-date. However, because of changing policies, members of the University should consult the online Manual themselves to verify what is current. Although every effort is made to keep current the hardcopy version of the Manual of Policies and Procedures that is available in the documents section of the library, the online version is to be considered the most current and complete version.

The University takes due care to ensure that policies, when issued, are in compliance with then applicable controlling laws, rules, and regulations. However, it is recognized that changes in such laws, rules, and regulations may result in all or a portion of a policy becoming incorrect until necessary revision is made. Please be advised that, in such cases, those portions of policies that are contrary to or in conflict with any controlling law, rule, or regulation are invalid. To the extent that the remainder of a policy is unaffected by a change in controlling laws, rules, or regulations, that remaining portion of the policy will remain valid and in effect. The Manual of Policies and Procedures does not form a part of any employee’s contract or appointment with the University.

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1000: General Administration

1100: History and Organization of the University
1200: General Information
1300: General Policies
1400: Personnel Policies and Procedures
1401: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
1402: Conditions of Employment
1403: New Employees and Terminating Employees
1404: Unclassified Personnel Evaluation
1405: Evaluation of Administrators
1406: Separation by Retirement or Resignation
1407: Board of Supervisors Policy on Financial Exigency
1408: University Adopted Guidelines for Retrenchment
1409: Guidelines for Unclassified Personnel Files
1410: Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics
1411: Drug-Free Workplace Policy
1412: Employee Drug Testing Policy
1413: Faculty and Staff Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Personnel
1414: Termination of Administrative Staff
1415: Salary Checks
1416: Outside/Dual Employment & Dual Office Holding 
1417: Nepotism and Prohibited Transactions
1418: Acceptance of Gifts and Donations
1419: Overload Policies
1420: Seeking and Holding Public Office
1421: Fee Exemption for Faculty, Staff, and Dependents
1422: Benefit Plans
1423: Statutory Benefits
1424: Retirement Systems
1425: Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees
1426: Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
1427: Crisis Leave Program
1428: Leaves of Absence
1429: Benefits for Retirees
1430: Violence Free Workplace Policy
1431: Possession of Firearms
1432: AIDS Policy
1433: Americans with Disabilities Policy
1434: Online Employee Directory
1436: Power-Based Violence and Title IX
1436A: Process A - Title IX Grievance Process
1436B: Process B - Power-Based Violence Grievance Process
1436C: Statement of Parties’ Rights
1437: Power-Based Violence/Title IX Transcript Withholding, Notation & Communication
1438: Harassment
1439: Discrimination
1440: Age Discrimination
1441: Retaliation
1442: Employee Training
1443: Transitional Return to Work Policy
1444: Search Policies and Procedures for Positions of Dean or Higher
1445: Title IX Coordinator
1446: Board of Supervisors Policy on Program Discontinuance
1447: Board of Supervisors Policy on Employee Furloughs
1448: Volunteer Policy
1449: Emeritus Policy
1450: Consensual Relationships
1451: Child Abuse Reporting
1452: Hiring Without Regard to Retirement Status and Without Regard to Prior Complaints of Discrimination of Other Protected EEO Activity
1453: Supplemental Payments/ Fringe Benefits
1454: Rewards and Recognition Program for Civil Service Employees
1455: Parental Leave

2000: Academic Affairs

2100: Faculty Policies and Procedures
2200: Policies and Procedures Pertaining to Instruction
2300: Other Academic Affairs Policies

3000: University Advancement

3100: Louisiana Tech University Foundation Policies

4000: Administrative Services

4100: General Administrative Services
4200: Safety Policy and Plan

5000: Financial Services

5100: Accounting Manual
5200: Tech Purchasing Policy
5300: Property Control Regulations
5400: Other Financial Services Policies

6000: Student Affairs

6100: Student Handbook
6200: Resources Available to Students
6300: Other Student Affairs Policies

7000: Research and Development

7100: Research and Innovation

Recently Revised and New Policies