Policy 1301 – Policy on Policies

Revision Date: 11/18/2021

Last Review: 11/18/2021

Original Effective Date: 5/3/2001

Responsible Office: Office of the President


All University Policies shall be developed, approved, revised, and published in accordance with the procedures outlined in this Policy and shall appear online in the Louisiana Tech University Manual on Policies and Procedures.


Policy – A University Policy is a policy with broad application throughout the University which enhances the University’s mission, promotes operational efficiencies, reduces institutional risk, helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotes ethical standards and integrity, and is approved in accordance with the procedures described in this Policy. 

Procedure – Procedures are specific steps and/or operational processes to be followed in implementing a Policy. 

Responsible Office – A Responsible Office is primarily responsible for the Policy’s implementation, maintenance, and enforcement. 

Last Review – The date in which a policy is reviewed by the responsible office, whether resulting in a revision or not. 


These procedures should be followed in developing new or revising existing policies and procedures.

  1. Anyone within the organization may identify the need for new or revised policies and procedures at any time.
  2. The appropriate department head, dean, and vice president should develop or revise the policies and procedures.
  3. The recommended revision should be forwarded to the appropriate committee (i.e., Council of Academic Deans, Campus Computing Services Coordinating Committee, University Faculty and Staff Senate) for recommendation to the Administrative and Planning Council and/or President.
  4. The Administrative and Planning Council, if appropriate, reviews and approves the policies and procedures.
  5. The President gives the final review and approval.
  6. Approved policies are forwarded to the Office of Internal Audit (as policy repository) and then uploaded to the Policy site online in the proper format. 

This procedure should also be followed to rescind a policy. 

Each Responsible Office is required to conduct a comprehensive review of its policies at a minimum of every 3 years or as required to stay current with applicable laws and/or management board policies. 

The policy review schedule can be found here.