Policy 1305 – Licensing Program

Revision Date: 6/2/2011

Original Effective Date: 7/8/2003

Responsible Office: Department of Marketing and Public Relations

Louisiana Tech has established a licensing program in an effort to protect and control
Tech’s trademarks and maximize the exposure and royalties we receive through the sale
of merchandise in the retail marketplace.

In May 2003, Tech partnered with The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the largest
collegiate trademark licensing company in the country, to manage and grow our licensing
program. Tech’s Department of Marketing and Public Relations manages the university’s
contract with CLC.

All vendors using Tech’s trademarks on merchandise (including T-shirts, caps, and
all other saleable items) must be licensed. Vendors are required to obtain approval
through the licensing program on all designs and products that are produced bearing
Louisiana Tech trademarks. To date, CLC has licensed more than 120 vendors for the
production of Tech merchandise. These vendors support our university by adhering to
licensing requirements and submitting royalties. These royalties come back to Tech
through our licensing program.

Louisiana Tech requires every department and student group to use licensed vendors
when buying products bearing Tech trademarks. You can obtain a list of all local,
licensed vendors through the Department of Marketing and Public Relations. You should
be able to find just about any product from existing licensed vendors; however, if
you cannot locate a licensed source for a product, you may request authorization to
buy from an unlicensed vendor with an approved one-time production exemption given
to that vendor by the university.

Licensed vendors not only submit all designs for approval, they also maintain liability
insurance that protects Tech should their products be defective. Tech’s policy is
to support these partner licensees by requiring that all university departments go
to them for their internal consumption needs.

All purchases for internal consumption (i.e., products purchased for the exclusive
use of a university department or student group, that are not resold for a profit)
are exempt from royalty obligations.
All products, including those produced for internal consumption, should be purchased
from a licensed vendor and all designs submitted for approval.

If you have any questions regarding Tech’s Trademark Licensing Program and its policies,
contact the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, 257-4854. If you need assistance
in locating licensed vendors, please contact CLC at 770-956-0520.