Policy 1309 – Identity Standards and Communications Policy

Effective Date: 12/15/15

Responsible Office: University Communications


The strong, clear, and consistent presentation of Louisiana Tech University’s visual marks has been developed and refined over many years to ensure that the impact of both internal and external communications align with the mission and vision of the institution as well as the reputation and traditions that it has built.  The Department of University Communications is responsible for working with the University’s senior administration to pursue opportunities for advancing the institution through the dissemination of timely and accurate information and brand presentation, and to act as a catalyst for communicating and promoting the strengths, contributions, and achievements of the institution to internal and external audiences.

As it relates to Louisiana Tech’s trademarked logos, name, and other graphical and visual assets, University Communications is responsible for ensuring the consistency, accuracy, and proper reproduction of the University’s official marks and their presentation to the public and local/regional/national media and communications outlets.  It is also tasked with developing, implementing, and enforcing policies to preserve the integrity and consistency of Louisiana Tech’s visual marks when reproduced by approved internal and/or external organizations.

The purpose of the Identity Standards and External Communications Policy, and the official Identity Standards Manual is to assist both internal and external organizations in recognizing the official Louisiana Tech logos and word marks and to uphold our graphical standards in order to advance the University’s branding and advancement strategies. The official and trademarked visual marks are used to communicate immediately to any audience that we are Louisiana Tech University in a way that cannot be equaled by other complex or abstract designs. Therefore, it is essential that the use of Louisiana Tech logos and word marks in ALL applications be consistent and accurate.


The Identity Standards and Communication Policy applies to all efforts and campaigns the Department of University Communications classifies as “reputation defining,” and may include, but is not restricted to, the following:

  • Recruitment materials targeted to potential students and faculty, including Louisiana Tech and/or department listings in professional/discipline-specific directories (print and electronic/web).
  • Advertisements and promotional campaigns, regardless of media type (brochures, posters, banners, billboards, uniforms, signage (fixed or digital), departmental websites/pages, etc.) NOTE: Reference RS 43:111 for allowable expenditures for advertisements.
  • Websites and webpages (within or linked directly to www.latech.edu.)
  • Social media (when using official Louisiana Tech marks and for the purpose of representing the University and/or its interests – see Policy 1308: Online Social Media Usage.)
  • Fundraising events and materials.
  • Student organizations (when promoting themselves as a Louisiana Tech club/organization.)
  • Electronic media productions for the purpose of recruiting, fundraising, or promoting Louisiana Tech or any of its departments, programs, or people (video, CDs, DVDs, etc.).
  • Louisiana Tech email signatures.
  • Media and public relations.
  • Photography.
  • Stationery items (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, etc.).

Internet and Websites

As it pertains to the Internet or other electronic communications using the Louisiana Tech visual marks, University Communications serves as the official clearinghouse for the design and editorial content of websites for Louisiana Tech colleges, schools, and departments designated as reputation-defining.  University Communications reserves the right to evaluate design and content of sites that are not specifically designated as “reputation-defining,” yet still have a bearing on the image and perception of the University to the general public.

It is the responsibility of the colleges, schools, and departments to review their sites’ information on a frequent basis to ensure that the information remains valid, accurate, and current.  Additionally, all colleges, schools, departments, or other units contracting with an independent web-hosting/design service or content provider must consult with University Communications and the Purchasing Department prior to negotiating final contracts.  Any website designed, whether on or off campus, to represent or promote University programs is subject to review and approval by University Communications to ensure that the site reflects favorably upon the University.  Any such website must conform to guidelines established by this policy and the Identity Standards Manual.

Media and Public Relations

To provide accurate and timely information to the media, it is essential that Louisiana Tech maintains a centralized news and public relations effort so there is an organized flow of information consistent in style, quality, and content.  Therefore, the planning, research, writing, and distribution of reputation defining news stories, statements, public service announcements, feature articles, and other informational materials (including photographs) released to the media must be coordinated through University Communications.  Faculty and staff who want news releases developed and distributed to the media need to contact University Communications and provide full details and imagery.

This policy is not intended to restrict faculty and staff from expressing opinions or providing information to media representatives regarding their research and/or areas of expertise. It does apply, however, to questions of University policy that should be referred to an appropriate administrator or the executive director of University Communications.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to notify and collaborate with University Communications staff when asked to respond to a national media query as positive national exposure is a critical part of the University’s strategic plan. Timeliness of the response is also important because most reporters have immediate deadlines.  If a reporter contacts a Louisiana Tech employee directly, the faculty or staff member may ask to call the reporter back and then contact University Communications for advice and counsel before consenting to interviews, particularly on sensitive questions.

All media inquiries regarding institutional emergencies, crises, safety situations, closures, or interruptions to normal operations should be immediately forwarded to the executive director of University Communications at (318) 257-4854 or impact@latech.edu

Logo/Brand Usage Approval Form

Approvals for use of Louisiana Tech’s official and trademarked logos/visual marks are requested and received through submission of the Logo/Brand Usage Approval Form (attached).  This form is required for all divisions, colleges, departments, and student organizations using the University’s official logos, wordmarks, name, or brand identity, for promotional items, marketing materials, brochures, posters, billboards, banners, uniforms, signage (fixed or digital), departmental websites or webpages, or any other external or publicly distributed/visible displays.

The information presented in the Identity Standards Manual attempts to identify as many scenarios as possible as they pertain to accepted and unaccepted usage of Louisiana Tech University visual marks. Examples and instances not specifically cited in the manual will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be considered using the same standards.  Louisiana Tech and University Communications reserve the right to restrict the use of any of these logos, word marks, references to the institutions, and brand representations should they deem them detrimental to the University.

The use of any and all Louisiana Tech logos, word marks, references, and brand representations must be approved by University Communications via the Logo/Brand Usage Approval Form.  Purchasing of promotional or informational items using the Louisiana Tech logos or visual marks must be coordinated through the Louisiana Tech Purchasing Office and follow all State (reference RS 43:111 for allowable expenditures for advertisements) and University procurement policies, for all methods of purchase including procurement card, reimbursement, requisition, and bid, regardless of cost.

Logo/Brand Usage Approval Form PDF

Questions/concerns regarding proper usage of visual marks or requests for assistance in promotional and marketing communications can be made to University Communications at (318) 257-4854 or impact@latech.edu.