Policy 1312 – University Naming Policy

Effective Date:  11/05/2020

Last Review:  11/05/2020

Responsible Office: President

Reference:  University of Louisiana System Policies and Procedures:  Chapter VI, Section V:  Naming University Facilities.  University Policy 3118—Naming University Facilities in Recognition of Philanthropic Support



Louisiana Tech University is, in part, defined by the traditions, values, and principles established by its students, faculty, and staff over the course of many years. Over time, these concepts became the cornerstone of the University’s culture and identity, and the pillars upon which its work is built.

Louisiana Tech University’s culture is embodied in The Tenets of Tech – confidence, excellence, commitment, knowledge, integrity, respect, leadership, loyalty, enthusiasm, caring, hope, and pride.

In naming its facilities, portions of buildings, academic units, and spaces, Louisiana Tech communicates its abiding commitment to these values by conferring honor and conveying gratitude to those who have contributed to its mission and vision through their lives and work, or through their contribution of resources to provide exceptional opportunities for generations of the Tech Family.

Louisiana Tech University is a community that seeks to enhance knowledge, opportunities, technology, and services that result in a well-rounded college atmosphere for our students, faculty, staff, and community. This commitment is strengthened with the recognition by the University that diversity and inclusion constitutes a broad range of attributes beyond race and gender including but not limited to age, sex, class, national origin, creed, educational background, religion, gender identity, disability, gender expression, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, and work experiences. The University welcomes and celebrates diversity and inclusion in its decisions regarding student and employee recruitment, employment, promotion, training and development, and in the way in which it chooses to honor individuals who have made an impact on the University.

The true value of diversity cannot be measured exclusively by the number of individuals who are unique on our campus, but must also include the welcomed interactions, lively discussions, and shared experiences found in the Louisiana Tech University community. It is an environment that is conducive to embracing, nurturing, and fostering the broad definition of diversity while giving life to our Tenets of Tech.

How the University chooses to honor individuals who have made an impact is no exception.


University facilities at Louisiana Tech’s campus, instructional sites, and affiliated locations may be named to honor the contribution and achievements of an individual (living or dead), an organization, or a corporation associated with Louisiana Tech University in accordance with State Statutes, policy statements of the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors, and this Policy Statement.  Proposals for naming are reviewed by the University Naming Committee and recommended to the President.  Approved proposals are submitted by the President to the University of Louisiana System for final approval, as required in the ULS Policies and Procedures C-VI.V.  Functional names of any facility in which the name of an individual, individuals, or private entities are not involved are reviewed by the University Naming Committee and recommended for approval to the President.

The policy’s overarching objectives are to establish and maintain a system to ensure that decisions on naming opportunities are made in a logical, consistent and timely manner; that the requirements, expectations, and desires of all parties are respected; and that naming actions will not detract from the institution’s values, integrity, or reputation.


Authority:  Any naming of University facilities will be made or any alleged promise of such naming will be honored only with compliance with this Policy, the prior approval of the Dean or comparable administrative official under whose immediate supervision the entity falls, the University Naming Committee’s recommendation, the President’s approval, and the final approval by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors.

Conflict of Interest:  Current holders of elected public office, candidates for public office, and current members of the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System are not eligible for consideration.

Deviations:  Any deviation from the parameters set forth in this policy must be made by written recommendation from the University Naming Committee to the President who has the opportunity to either approve or deny the recommendation.

Honorific Recognition:  University Facilities may be named to honor the contributions, achievements, and impacts on the institution and its constituents of an individual or private entity.  The act of naming University Facilities will recognize individuals or private entities who, at the minimum,

  • Have made substantial contributions to a specific of endeavor or to society in general;
  • Have had some significant connection with the University, either as a student, an alumnus, a faculty member, an administrator, a notable donor or benefactor, or a supporter;
  • Have made significant contributions to the development of the University, the State of Louisiana, or the nation in education, the arts, public life, or some other appropriate field or endeavor;
  • Be of such outstanding character and distinction that naming a facility after him/her or the entity would honor the University as well as the individual or entity.

Life of the Facility:  The name of any University Facility exists only for the useful life of the facility, or where no useful life can be determined, for such term of years as is approved by the President and the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System.  At such time, the University reserves the right to revoke the name and re-evaluate the naming of the University facility or future replacements.

Limitations: “Except as authorized or provided by law, no public building, public park, [and certain other enumerated facilities]…owned by…any institution receiving its support in whole or in part from the State shall be named in honor of any living person.”  Ref:  Louisiana Revised Statutes 42:267.  “Portions of buildings including, but not limited to, classrooms, auditoria, laboratories, and lounges may be named after a living person, in accordance with the provisions of this policy.”  Ref:  University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors Policy C-VI, Facilities Planning Requests to name portions of facilities for living persons or private entities are to be minimized. 

Philanthropic Recognition: University Facilities, portions of buildings, academic units, and spaces (University Facilities) may be named to recognize individuals and organizations whose philanthropic contributions support the construction, renovation, or maintenance of specific facilities and spaces or enhance the vision and mission of the University.  The desires of the donor or benefactor may be considered in determining the name.

Revocation/Renaming:  Louisiana Tech University, in coordination with the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System, at any time for unusual or compelling reasons and on good cause, can revoke or change the name on any University Facility named under the provisions of this Policy Statement.  Revocation/renaming should be strongly considered where the actions or words of a namesake directly conflict with the University’s mission and values.  Revocation/renaming shall be reviewed as part of a holistic approach that considers the historical context of the conduct and the individual’s larger patterns of behavior and personal values without erasing or distorting history.

University Facilities:  A University facility is a building or portion thereof, site, academic or administrative unit, street, park, or open space under the control of the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System for the benefit of Louisiana Tech University.

University Naming Committee:  The University Naming Committee is appointed by the President.


  1. A request to name (or revoke/rename) any University Facility must be made in writing to the University Naming Committee using the official Louisiana Tech University Naming Proposal Form. LINK
  2. The Chair of the University Naming Committee will acknowledge receipt of the proposal within five business days.
  3. Philanthropic proposals that include naming opportunities or requests shall be subject to the terms of this Policy as they pertain to the individual(s) or entities proposed as namesakes.
  4. The University Naming Committee shall review the proposal and will use its best efforts and maximize use of available resources to research and document the appropriateness of proposed names of individuals or private entities extensively.
  5. The University Naming Committee shall request additional information from the proposer(s) if necessary or appropriate.
  6. The University Naming Committee shall seek input from constituents of the institution and its community as appropriate.
  7. The University Naming Committee shall submit its report and recommendation to the President after completing its due diligence and within a reasonable time period.
  8. The President shall review the University Naming Committee’s recommendation. If the President approves the proposal, a request shall be submitted to the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System.