Policy 1404 – Unclassified Personnel Evaluation

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Office of the President / Provost, Vice Presidents of Each Division

Reference: Board of Supervisors (Rules) – University of Louisiana System

The Board of Supervisors sets forth the following statement relative to evaluation
of unclassified personnel:

Each institution shall evaluate each faculty member and administra­tor at least on
an annual basis, and the evaluation shall be filed in the appropriate personnel file.

It is the policy of Louisiana Tech University that faculty, administrators, and staff
be systematically evaluated, both orally and in writing. The results of the evaluation
must be made available to the person evaluated. The primary uses of the evaluation
will be to assess performance, to determine areas needing improvement, and to provide
the basis for employment decisions such as merit increases, promotion, and continuation.
The Provost, each Vice President, Dean and Director is responsible for seeing that
established procedures are followed in the respective divisions.