Policy 1408 – University Adopted Guidelines for Retrenchment

Revision Date: 6/7/2011

Responsible Office: Office of the President

  1. Three distinct circumstances indicating a need for staff reductions are recognized and determined to have different characteristics, thus necessitating different treatments.
    1. Adverse financial circumstances affecting the entire College or University or a Department thereof;
    2. Decline in enrollment in specific subjects indicating a corresponding decline in teaching personnel and services; and
    3. Discontinuance or combining of specific programs for reason. (See Policy 1446)
  2. In the case of A.2. and A.3., good management practice would indicate the reduction irrespective of the financial condition of the institution.
  3. The following general principles should be applied in dealing with faculty reduction.
    1. The reasons for reduction should be clearly discernible and documented.
    2. Notification of termination or non-renewal will adhere to dates and time specified in “Termination of Employment, Non-Tenured Academic Staff” will be followed except in the case of Policy 1446 (Program Discontinuance) and Policy 1407 (Financial Exigency).
    3. All reductions will be made through natural attrition first, insofar as is possible.
    4. Non-tenured faculty employed in the specific teaching discipline identified to reduction will be given notification after C.3. above has been exhausted except as noted under Section E.
    5. If additional reduction is indicated in a specific teaching discipline, tenured faculty will be identified for transfer, termination, or layoff. The institution shall make reasonable efforts (including retraining) to transfer the tenured employee by attempting to locate appropriate alternate employment:
      1. By attempting to transfer the faculty member to another teaching field, administrative position, or staff position within the University with no loss of tenure;
      2. By exploring possibilities of non-faculty employment (for which they are qualified) at the University or a faculty position at another institution under the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System.

      In establishing a case for termination, minimal procedures require that the institution deciding to reduce tenured faculty

      1. To provide the faculty member with a written statement of the basis for the initial decision to lay off or terminate;
      2. To provide an adequate description of the manner in which the decision was reached; and
      3. To provide a reasonably adequate disclosure of the information and data the decision-makers relied upon.
  4. The hierarchy for determining the order of reduction within a teaching discipline shall be as follows:
    1. FIRST CONSIDERATION: The need of the College or University for representation of a specialty among the faculty within the identified discipline.
    2. SECOND CONSIDERATION: The earned academic degrees of the faculty members in the identified discipline in accord with requirements of appropriate accrediting agencies (e.g., standards for professional competency in the arts).


    1. Teaching discipline – This reference shall be identified by the major divisions of the Taxonomy of Academic Disciplines published by the National Center for Educational Statistics, U.S. Office of Education (Integrat­ed Post-secondary Education Data System-IPEDS-classifications).
    2. Specialty within a Teaching Discipline – This reference shall be identified by one of the listed subdivisions in the IPEDS Taxonomy cited above or by a course or courses listed in the most recent College or University catalog.