Policy 1416 – Outside/Dual Employment & Dual Office Holding

Revision Date: 5/19/2010

Original Effective Date: 6/1/1993

Responsible Office: Office of the President – non-classified employees; Department of Human Resources – classified employees

Reference: Chapter III, Section VII and Policies and Procedures Memorandum FS-III.VII.-1, University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors; Louisiana Revised Statutes: 42:61, 42.63.E, 42:1101, 42:1123(9)(b).

Outside/dual employment and dual office holding are governed by the following documents: University of Louisiana System, Board of Supervisors Rules Chapter III, Section VII and Policies and Procedures Memorandum FS-III.VII.1 as well as Louisiana Revised Statute 42:61,42.63.E42:110142:1123(9)(b). Copies of these documents are available for review on reserve in Prescott Library, in the Office of Human Resources, in the office of each academic dean, and the legislative web page http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/home.aspx. The Board of Supervisors policy statement appears below. Each full-time university employee is required to report any external activity. If your employment situation changes following submission of this annual report, you must submit an update, corrected copy. 

The following Board of Supervisors policy relates to employment directly undertaken by employees of System institutions with outside employers or to self-employment (including consulting) and does not relate to employment in which arrangements are made officially through the institution by contract with or grants to the institution.

A. Statement of Policy on Outside Employment

  1. A member of the faculty or staff may engage in outside activities, paid or unpaid, which do not conflict, delay or in any manner interfere with instructional, scholarly, and/or other services he/she must render in the nature of his/her College or University employment.

  2. A full-time member of the faculty or staff who is presently engaged, or who plans to engage, in such activities outside of his broad institutional responsibilities, during any period of full-time employment by the institution, shall report to the Chairman or Unit Head of his/her Department in writing the nature and extent of such activities, and the amount of time the work will require. In all such instances, the Unit Head or Chairman shall forward the report to the employee’s administrative superior who will make a complete disclosure of these facts to the campus head or his/her designee. A similar procedure shall be followed by Deans in reporting to their Vice-Presidents/Provost and by Vice-Presidents/Provost in reporting to their President.

  3. No full-time member of the faculty or staff shall engage in such outside employment (or continue such employment if already so engaged) without the written approval of the Unit Head and Dean. In the event that either the Unit Head or the Dean believes that such outside employment involves, or may involve, a matter of public interest or interfere with duties to the institution, the matter shall be referred through the appropriate channels to the President of the College or University or his/her designee for approval.

  4. It is the responsibility of the employee to make clear to any outside employer that in accepting such employment he/she does so as an individual independent of his/her capacity as a member of the staff of the College or University. This might best be accomplished by providing with oral testimony or written reports a statement to the effect that the views expressed are those of the employee and do not necessarily reflect the views of the institution. In no case should the individual concerned use the name of the institution or his/her College or University title officially, or in any way, in support of any position he/she may take.

  5. The institution recognizes the fact that a person qualifies as an expert because of his/her training and experience. Therefore, biographical data, including a statement of employment by the College or University, may be included as introductory material to written reports (but not incorporated in the body of the written report) by the outside employer, or orally in the case of expert witness, by way of establishing the writer as a qualified expert.

  6. No College or University personnel, laboratories, services, or equipment are to be used without administrative authorization in connection with outside employment of College or University employees.

B. Reporting Procedures

Each year, the appropriate Vice President(s)/Provost shall submit a report of employee activities to the campus President.