Policy 1421 – Fee Exemption for Faculty, Staff, and Dependents

Revision Date:  10/14/2022

Last Review: 02/09/2023

Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources

Reference:  ULS Policy # FB.IV.V.O-1a


Full-time employees of Louisiana Tech University and their dependents (see II. B) may enroll at any of the nine institutions within the System at a reduced rate, plus certain applicable fees. Employees may register for undergraduate or graduate instruction, spouses and dependents may enroll for undergraduate instruction only.


Not Applicable


  1. The following conditions apply to faculty and staff:
    Faculty or staff member must be employed on a full-time basis at a University of Louisiana System institution. Enrollment at an institution other than the home institution requires the joint approval of the home institution president and the president of the institution the employee wishes to attend.

    Full time employees may register for up to six (6) hours per quarter. A reduced fee schedule for employees is available from the Comptroller’s Office with the reduced charge per credit hour to be no less than $25 per credit hour.

    In addition to tuition, faculty and staff shall also be assessed the following fees:
    Academic Excellence Fee, Operational Fee, Technology Fee, Energy Surcharge Fee, and other mandatory fees.

    This policy shall apply only to courses and programs for which regular tuition is charged including on campus, off campus (except Dual Enrollment students), online and Barksdale courses and programs.

    Retired faculty and staff who have served not less than 25 years in the University of Louisiana System shall maintain eligibility for this tuition and fee policy.

    Classified and unclassified employees may take one course during regular office hours with special, written permission (prior to registering) from the appropriate supervisor. If extenuating circumstances apply, permission to take more than one course during regular work hours will be considered with written approval and justification from the department head and dean/division head and the President prior to registering.

    Civil service requires that classified employees must either make up work missed or take annual leave for work missed, with the approval of their supervisor.  Unclassified employees are required to function effectively and meet job requirements, regardless of time away from the office.

  2. The following conditions apply to spouses and children of full time faculty and staff members:

    Spouses and children of faculty and staff members employed on a full-time basis by a System institution may attend another System institution with the joint approval of the employee’s president and the president of the host institution.

    Dependents who qualify will be limited to those who are eligible according to the requirements for a “qualifying child” within the Internal Revenue Tax Code (under the age of 24 and your dependent) during the calendar year in which the tuition reduction is issued. At such time as the dependent is no longer eligible according to IRS Code, the dependent ceases to be eligible for this reduction. For purposes of this policy, a qualifying child of divorced or separated parents is treated as the dependent of both parents.

    Spouses and Dependents of retired faculty and staff (as provided in I (E)) shall be eligible for this tuition and fee policy.

    Spouses and Dependents of deceased faculty and staff shall be eligible for this tuition and fee policy provided the faculty or staff was in service to or retired from the System (as provided in I (E)) and eligible for the reduction when death occurred.

    Spouses and Dependents of disabled faculty and staff, as determined by the Teachers’ or State Employees’ Retirement Systems but otherwise eligible for this tuition and fee policy, shall maintain eligibility.
    Only undergraduate coursework is eligible for the reduced tuition charges.

    A reduced fee schedule for spouses and dependents is available from the Comptroller’s Office.

    Spouses and Dependents shall be assessed the following fees: Academic Excellence Fee, Operational Fee and Technology Fee and any and all student-assessed fees.

    Before granting the fee reduction, the University may require appropriate documentation and a signed attestation to the truthfulness of the facts asserted by the applicant. The University may also request any necessary documentation after the fee reduction is granted.

    These reductions are considered Qualified Tuition Reductions for purposes of Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Publication 970.