Policy 1423 – Statutory Benefits

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Department of Human Resources

Reference: Federal Law, Louisiana Statutes (worker’s compensation)

Medicare Coverage – Hospital Insurance

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 extended Medicare coverage
(hospital portion) on a mandatory basis to new public employees effective April 1,
1986. The employee pays a percentage of earnings with the University matching this

Worker’s Compensation

All employees and student employees on University payrolls are automatically eligible
for Worker’s Compensation benefits which cover employees for injuries sustained while
on official duty.

Any accident that is work-related shall be immediately reported to the appropriate
Department or Budget Unit Head. Upon notification, the Unit Head shall immediately
contact the University Department of Human Resources. In non-emergency situations,
the University Department of Human Resources will arrange for the injured employee
to see a physician who is provided for by the University. Injuries that are severe
or life-threatening should be treated immediately by emergency medical personnel and
the University Department of Human Resources contacted later after treatment is rendered.

It is the responsibility of the appropriate Unit Head or Budget Unit Head to see that
an Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Disease form is completed and submitted
to the University Department of Human Resources after a work-related injury is reported.
Information and the proper reporting forms may be obtained from the University Department
of Human Resources in Keeny Hall. Information from the Office of Risk Management may
be obtained by calling 1-800-824-4592.