Policy 1438 – Harassment

Revision Date:  4/6/2011

Responsible Office:  Office of the President

Reference:  University of Louisiana System, Policy M-(11)a, Board Rule Chapter 3, Section XIX

Harassment is unwelcome conduct directed against a person based on one or more of a person’s protected characteristics or status which is so severe or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Any form of harassment in the workplace is prohibited. Workplace harassment on the basis of any of the following is unlawful: race, color, gender, age, religion, genetic information, citizenship, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or retirement status. Harassment may include physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct.

If you are subjected to any form of harassment or if you become aware of any conduct that may constitute harassment, you have an obligation to report such action to an appropriate university official (e.g., Title IX Coordinator, immediate supervisor, director, dean, appropriate vice president, or president). That person will cause an immediate investigation into the allegation. The person making the allegation will be protected against retaliation in any form.

If it is determined that harassment has taken place, appropriate action will be taken. Appropriate corrective action can include but is not limited to: oral or written reprimand, probation, suspension, reassignment of duties, demotion, termination, counseling or any combination of the above.


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