Policy 1447 – Board of Supervisors Policy on Employee Furloughs

Effective Date: 6/3/2011

Responsible Office: Office of the President

Reference: Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System, Policy and Procedure
Memoranda (FS-lll-XVI.E-1)

The University of Louisiana System Board Rules define financial exigency and provide
for furlough, layoff, termination and other staffing reduction parameters in response
to such events. Additionally, the Board may initiate separate measures, such as resolutions
or other directives, which authorize and empower the campuses to take specific employee
actions in the event of severe budgetary constraints, including those that arise from
substantial reductions in state appropriations, the occurrence of natural or physical
disasters, terrorism or a public health emergency. This policy provides guidelines
for the execution of such directives.

The President of the Institution may invoke this policy to require employees to take
unpaid furlough days only upon recommendation of the System President and approval
of the Board.


  1. The plan will include mandatory furloughs for all employees, except for tenured faculty
    and contract employees, those fully funded (100%) restricted grant positions, and
    employees on H-1B or other visas as designated by federal law and those whose salary
    has otherwise been reduced. Any modification of a written contract or grant must be
    in writing and approved by the Grantor.

  2. This does not preclude voluntary participation from any of the above (except those
    on H-1B or other federal visas).

  3. Exceptions may be granted for critical categories such as emergency personnel and
    campus security.

  4. Employees in the classified service shall be furloughed in accordance with Civil Service
    Rules (Chapter 17, Section 8).


  1. Upon announcement that furloughs are necessary, the President shall consult and discuss
    with appropriate faculty and staff in the development of a furlough plan.

  2. The plan shall include identification of the employees to be furloughed and the number
    of unpaid furlough days that will be required.

  3. The total number of furlough days may be graduated based on employee compensation

  4. The plan will not be subject to grievance or appeal at the university or Board level.


  1. The furlough shall be conducted in a manner that strives to ensure continuation of
    essential services with minimal interruption to the institution, particularly with
    respect to the maintenance of class schedules and essential student services.

  2. The actual date(s) the employee will be required to take the furlough days shall be
    determined by the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor should consult with the employee
    to determine the department’s operational needs and the employees’ preference.

  3. The selection of furlough days will not result in the cancellation of classes nor
    will any units be shut down due to furloughs without the prior approval of the campus
    President or the President’s designee.


  1. No annual or other personal leave may be used on or in lieu of a furlough day or period.

  2. No overtime or compensatory time may be granted to compensate for the loss of services
    of furloughed employees.

  3. Employees cannot be required to work in their areas or perform official duties during
    a day/period of furlough.

  4. Non-exempt employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act cannot be at work on
    furlough days.


Employees may choose to continue paying their retirement contributions based on the
level their pay would have been if not for the furlough in accordance with LA.R.S.