Policy 1449- Emeritus Policy

Revision Date: 06/01/2012
Last Reviewed Date: 03/16/2022
Responsible Office: Provost
References: Board of Supervisors Rules, Chapter 3, Section XIII


To recognize faculty who have made significant contributions to the University and to their discipline, the President may confer the title of emeritus/emerita to a deserving faculty member and/or administrator. To be eligible for consideration for academic emeritus status, the individual is expected to have achieved the rank of professor.  In exceptional cases, an associate professor with an outstanding record of achievement and contribution to the university may be recommended for this status. Normally, the granting of titles of this nature requires a minimum of ten years of service to the institution; however, in cases of demonstrated exceptional performance, a lesser period of service may be considered.  For faculty who hold an administrative position, the administrative title may also be included in the designation.  Faculty holding a named professorship may continue to use the named professorship with the emeritus designation.  They are not, however, eligible for any compensation from the professorship.  Normally, recommendations for faculty emeritus status begins in the academic unit, with approval by the unit head, dean, Provost, and the President.

Recommendation for Award of Emeritus Status Form

Administrators who do not hold faculty rank may be considered for emeritus status if they have held their position for at least ten consecutive years and made a significant contribution to the University’s operation.  Recommendations for non-faculty administrators are initiated by the appropriate supervisor and vice president.

The University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors invests the President of Louisiana Tech University with the authority to confer emeritus title.  The title carries no financial obligations by the University.

Emeriti faculty/administrators have the following privileges:

  • University ID card showing Emeritus status;
  • Listed in the University catalog and on department faculty bulletin boards/websites;
  • Faculty library privileges;
  • Use of faculty e-mail account/Internet;
  • Eligibility to continue to serve on graduate committees and co-chair graduate committees with the approval of the department head/unit head, academic dean, and the Graduate School;
  • Use of office space/laboratories and clerical staff based on availability and continued involvement in research and other department/unit activities such as teaching;
  • Use of University stationery and other departmental (unit) resources to continue research, publication, and professional activities;
  • Eligibility to apply for financial support to defray cost of research, publication, and/or presenting a paper at a professional conference.  Financial support must come from non-operating funds;
  • Eligibility to buy two tickets to all regular athletic and cultural events at faculty rate;
  • Faculty discount at the University Bookstore;
  • Purchase of faculty parking permit at faculty rate;
  • Access to University recreational facilities at faculty rate;
  • Enroll in courses with tuition waived.  Emeriti faculty/administrators are responsible for paying the Technology fee and any special course fees.

Emeriti faculty/administrators are valuable University assets and are expected to continue to contribute to their unit’s mission.  Indeed, their continued involvement with the campus helps Louisiana Tech University fulfill its role, scope, and missions.


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