Policy 1451 – Child Abuse Reporting

Effective Date: 12/1/2012

Responsible Office: University Police

The 2012 Legislature amended Act 380 and Act 614, which deal with the issue of child abuse or neglect. Both bills specifically amend the section of law that defines individuals considered “mandatory reporters” to explicitly include college and university professors, administrators, coaches and staff. Act 614 further amends the criminal penalties imposed on those individuals who fail to report such instances. These Acts became effective August 1, 2012. Click on both Acts to review the bills in their entirety.

If you have knowledge of, suspect or witness any form of child abuse, you should immediately call University Police, 257-4018, and report the incident in detail (i.e., your name, contact information, details of incident). If you are a witness, you should remain where you are until the police arrive. A police report will be filed and University Police will notify appropriate authorities.