Policy 2106 – Workload Policy

Effective Date: 1/2001

Responsible Office: Provost

Reference: Council of Academic Deans

A faculty member’s responsibilities may include teaching, research or creative activity,
and professional and University service. Faculty workloads may vary but are directed
toward fulfilling the principal goals of the University and the Department. The head
of the academic unit, with approval of the Dean of the College, has the responsibility
for determining the workload of the faculty. In considering individual faculty workload,
time must be allocated to meet assigned responsibilities in the functions of instruction,
research, and service. Additional time for research or service can be supported by
external funds. In these instances, externally funded salary support should be provided
equal to the accompanying reduction of expectations for service or instruction. Additional
time for research activities can also be supported by the Department, and consequent
reduction of expectations for service or instruction should be related to the Department’s
mission. A base of nine credit hours per quarter or 27 credit hours per academic year
will be the reference load for requesting and documenting a teaching load reduction.
As part of the annual evaluation conference, the Unit Head/Director and faculty member
will discuss expectations and performance. Budget revisions, if needed, relative to
the allocated percentage of time to instruction and research will also be discussed
at the annual conference.