Policy 2117 – Termination of Tenured Faculty

Revision Date: 7/30/2009

Responsible Office: Office of the President / Provost

Reference: Louisiana Tech Policy 1414; Board of Supervisors Rules, Chapter III, Section XV.C.

Tenured faculty may be terminated for cause. Cause for discharge, termination of contract,
or demotion in rank shall consist of conduct seriously prejudicial to the College
or University system such as infraction of law or commonly accepted standards of morality,
insubordination, violation of institutional or Board rules and regulations, neglect
of duty, incompetence, or other actions that impair the discharge of duties and the
efficiency of the institution. Financial exigency and/or program discontinuation also
constitute cause. The foregoing enumeration of cause shall not be deemed exclusive.
However, action to discharge, terminate, or demote shall not be arbitrary or capricious,
nor shall it infringe upon academic freedom.

Upon the recommendation of the University Senate, the President has appointed a standing
University committee of faculty members (the Tenured Faculty Committee) who shall
hear charges against accused faculty and forward their findings and recommendations
to the President who shall make a final determination. The committee has determined
that its function is to provide due process in cases involving action taken by the
University which could result in the discharge, termination of contract, or demotion
in rank of a tenured faculty member. The committee will meet at the request of the
President to provide the faculty member with a peer review. It is not the function
of the committee to initiate action on its own or to hear cases referred by anyone
other than the President.

The member of the academic staff who has exhausted due process procedures at the institutional
level may petition the Board within 30 days when the institution is in session for
a review and no official action shall be taken by the institution until a final determination
is made by the Board.