Policy 2201 – Procedure for Initiating and Processing Leave Applications for Academic Personnel

Revision Date: 1/15/2002
Last Review Date: 01/7/2021
Responsible Office: Provost/Human Resources Office
Reference: University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors Board Bylaws & Rules C-111.V


The following procedure has been agreed upon for the handling of leave requests. In order that all persons can be evaluated on the same basis and in order that complete administrative concurrence can be established, faculty are requested to adhere uniformly to this procedure for all leave requests.




Leave With Pay

A faculty member desiring leave for a given period of time will initiate the request by submitting a proposal stating:

  • his/her desire and plan,
  • his/her qualifications,
  • the period and length of time for which leave is desired,
  • the time and length of the last pay with leave,
  • age, and
  • any other data deemed pertinent.

Those faculty attending summer institutes (or other short period arrangement) and receiving stipend should contact their Dean regarding the leave. The faculty member will indicate when the academic year leave requested is to be without pay.

The proposal submitted will be addressed to the Provost and forwarded through the faculty member’s Unit Head and Dean or other appropriate budget administrator.

The Unit Head and Dean or other administrator will note “approved” or “disapproved,” date the notation, initial the notation, and forward the request without undue delay. If elaborations relative to the approval or disapproval are deemed important, a statement outlining such should be attached in memorandum form before forwarding.

When all requests for leave during a given budget year have been received (by dates to be publicized), they will be considered on their individual and collective merits and ranked in order of priority, if favorably considered. There will be a ranking for summer leaves and one for academic year leaves. All are contingent on the availability of funds.

Those faculty whose leave applications were not accepted will be notified not to expect leave for the period requested. 

Leave Without Pay

Leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees for good cause for a period up to but not exceeding one year providing the reasons are acceptable to the University and the operations of the granting Department are not seriously affected. Normally, the person taking leave of absence without pay will return to the University after leave. Requests for leave without pay require approval of the Unit Head, Dean, Vice President/Provost, President, and Board of Supervisors.