Policy 2207 – Faculty Office Hours

Revision Date: 12/9/2019

Last Review: 12/9/2019

Responsible Office: Provost


Faculty are at the core of Tech’s impact on students, particularly in their academic, research, and co-curricular lives on and off campus.  Maintaining faculty visibility and accessibility on campus is essential to address student concerns, provide mentoring opportunities, and enrich the students’ experience and academic context.

Collegiality and collaboration continue to be hallmarks of faculty presence at Louisiana Tech University to conduct the business of the University and contribute to the University’s goals and strategic outcomes for teaching, research, and service.  The University and its faculty and staff are accountable to students and other stakeholders to be available and to participate actively in the collegiate experience.

Faculty are expected to be accessible and responsive to students for regular and extraordinary contact and to be accessible to participate in and contribute to their on-campus responsibilities.  A minimum of ten hours per week is expected of faculty presence on campus beyond any scheduled classes or laboratories assigned as part of the normal load.  Acceptable activities in which faculty may engage during these ten hours per week can include (but may not be limited to) being on campus participating in labs, doing research, and performing service while still being available to students.  Faculty will provide information on office doors and to College/Unit administrative offices as to where/how they can be contacted or when they are expected to return during designated on-campus hours.


Not applicable.


Deans of the academic colleges are responsible for overseeing and assessing faculty accessibility and responsiveness as part of the annual evaluation process.