Policy 2214 – Graded Materials and Grade Reporting

WWW Posting Date: 1/22/2002

Responsible Office: Registrar’s Office and Provost

Retention Policy on Graded Materials and Grade Records

  1. Graded materials (papers, tests, and other submitted work) used in calculating final grades reported
    for students for any given quarter must be retained by the instructor for 30 days
    into the next quarter (exception: materials from spring quarter must be retained for
    30 days into the next fall quarter). This will ensure that graded items are available
    to address grade appeals or possible errors in the recording of grades.

    For student work that cannot reasonably be stored for 30 days (e.g., architecture
    projects, engineering models) instructors should consider the need to maintain, in
    addition to the assigned grades, evaluative comments about such work in order to provide
    to an inquiring student an explanation regarding the final grade in question. An instructor
    should consider digital photographic storage of such projects. Being able to retrieve
    stored digital images of projects would be a useful way of reviewing with a student
    the final grade in question.

    In the case of “I” grades, all graded materials must be retained for final grade calculations and then for 30
    days into the next quarter after the final completion grade has been reported on the
    student transcript.

  2. Grade reports (grade book, spreadsheets, etc.,) showing the recorded graded items and final grade
    calculations must be retained by the faculty member for one year.

  3. Upon termination of employment, a faculty member must leave graded materials and grade
    reports with the Department Head in accordance with the above guidelines (#1 and #2

  4. Student work and records are considered confidential information and must be disposed
    of in an appropriate manner.

Grade Reporting

One week prior to the end of classes each quarter, “grade sheets” are distributed
to the faculty. These sheets are to be used by the faculty to submit final grades.
The faculty must personally return the grade sheets to the Registrar’s Office according
to the deadlines printed in the quarter calendar and at the top of each grade sheet.

Students can obtain their final grades by touch-tone telephone and on the Internet
at the end of the quarter. Instructions for using the “Get Grades” service are available
in each quarterly copy of the Schedule of Classes in addition to on the Louisiana
Tech website.