Policy 2219 – Commencement

Revision Date: 10/31/2017
Last Review: 9/28/2021
Responsible Office: Provost
Reference: Council of Academic Deans


Commencement participation is an integral part of the responsibilities of all faculty and staff members. The procedures for participation at commencement ceremonies are developed for each occasion by the Commencement Committee and administered by the Academic College Deans according to the guidelines listed here:

The number of ushers per Commencement ceremony will be limited to 10 (ten) total. Each College will provide 2 (two) ushers per Commencement ceremony, with participants to be named by the College Dean.  Each College will allocate faculty participation in Commencement as follows:

    • Fall 25% of faculty
    • Winter 25% of faculty
    • Spring 50% of faculty
    • Summer Volunteer and 12-month faculty/administrators.

Participation roles will be weighted per academic year as follows:

    • 2 “Usher” commitments = 1 “Full Regalia” commitment.

If commitments are not fulfilled within academic year, faculty will be required to offset those deficiencies in the subsequent ceremonies within the next academic year (while fulfilling the appropriate commitments for the same academic year).

Participation in full regalia will be monitored by ID card swipe by the Faculty Marshall stationed at the entry point to the TAC where faculty are lined up prior to each ceremony.

Participation in ushering activities will be monitored by the faculty member’s respective Dean.

Faculty should be reminded that their contractual duties are not considered fulfilled until after they have participated in the commencement exercises.