Policy 2221 – Student Evaluation of Faculty

Revision Date: 10/20/2017 
Responsible Office: Office of the Provost
Reference Office: Board of Supervisors; Council of Academic Deans

Faculty evaluations have two major purposes at Louisiana Tech University:

  1. To provide students an opportunity to provide input that will help faculty improve
    their classes.

  2. To provide administrators student input about the effectiveness of the faculty member’s

The faculty, administration, and students benefit from honest, thoughtful responses
by each student.

Procedure for Student Evaluation Process

Quarterly Evaluation Preparation Responsibilities

  1. Following the ninth class day, spreadsheets listing current class/teacher assignments
    will be provided to departments. 

  2. Departments must submit all course/faculty assignment corrections to the Registrar’s
    office for input into the Student Information System by the end of the sixth week
    of the quarter.

  3. Departments must submit any courses to be excluded from the evaluation process, other
    than the standard course exclusions, to the Provost’s office for approval by the end
    of the sixth week of the quarter. Standard exclusions are dual enrollment courses
    and credit exams. 

  4. In week seven of the quarter, spreadsheets showing final class/teacher assignments
    will be provided to college deans. After approval, deans will forward spreadsheets
    to the Provost. 

  5. In week ten of the quarter, the evaluation process will be loaded based on current
    student and faculty course assignments. 

Evaluation Process

  1. Faculty evaluations will be performed each Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter. 

  2. Faculty evaluations will be accessed via a web link which directs students to a web
    site containing links to each of their own courses to be evaluated.

  3. Faculty will be notified, via email, of the upcoming evaluation period. This email
    will also include a link to the evaluation process which faculty are encouraged to
    place on their individual course pages. 

  4. Students are notified, via email, of the evaluation period shortly before the evaluation
    site opens. This email also contains the link to access the site. 

  5. A link to the evaluation process will also be placed on the main Moodle welcome page.

  6. Students will have access to do evaluations one week before graduating students’ grades
    are due.

  7. The evaluation period will end at 5:00 PM on the day graduating students’ grades are

  8. The evaluation process will keep track of which students have participated in the
    evaluation but will disassociate any evaluation responses from any individual.

Distribution of Results and Comments

    1. Central IT will provide reports of results in PDF format. There will be three sets
      of reports: 

      1. Each Dean will be provided with a report of the results for his/her entire college. 
      2. Each College Dean’s office will be provided with a set of reports for the subject 
        areas in that college. The College is responsible for forwarding these reports to
        the appropriate department head or program chair.
      3. Each instructor will receive a report for each of his/her classes. 

    2. Comments received during the evaluation process will be collected and emailed to faculty.
      Comments will not be emailed until after the last date to complete an incomplete grade.