Policy 2223 – Study Tour Programs

Revision Date: 02/27/2020

Last Review:  02/27/2020

Responsible Office: Provost


The University has adopted the following procedures to guide faculty in organizing study tour programs to enhance the educational experience of students. This policy addresses study abroad programs as well as other study tours as part of an academic offering. This policy does not apply to routine field trips; travel authorizations are sufficient documentation for such trips.


Study abroad is the term given to a program which allows a student to live in a foreign country and attend a foreign university.


The appropriate Dean of the college, will review the following activities:

  • Review/approve any study-tour in which the majority of the academic work required for earning semester hour(s) credit to be accomplished on the Louisiana Tech campus and the remaining, less quantity of academic work is to be accomplished through travel and/or in a study residence outside of the Tech campus.
  • The study-tour proposal will be forwarded from the Dean to the Provost for approval. Applications must be made to the appropriate Dean at least two full quarters prior to the tour.


Each proposal will apply the following principles in its review work to ensure that the study-travel program will be well planned and executed.

The purposes and specific educational objectives of the travel study program should be carefully developed and clearly stated in whatever promotional material is developed and these objectives must be in keeping with the mission of Louisiana Tech University.

Accurate, honest, and complete information should be provided to prospective applicants describing the nature and scope of the study travel program, including its opportunities and limitations, how and where instruction will be given, the relationship, if any, to a foreign institution, grading practices, significant differences between a home campus experience and what can be expected during the travel study experience.

Applicants should have the maturity, academic background and achievement, and motivation necessary for success in the type of study-travel program.

The study travel program should include an orientation, both pre-departure and ongoing, which assists participants in making appropriate personal, social, and academic adjustments.

The study travel program should have adequate faculty-staff supervision, both in terms of students/staff ratio and in terms of staff experience to deal with contingencies.

The study travel program should encourage effective use of the unique physical, human, and cultural resources of the host environment, and the academic standards of the travel study experience program should be comparable to those at the home campus. There should be clearly defined criteria and policies for judging performance and assigning credit in accordance with prevailing standards and practices at Louisiana Tech University.

Administrative arrangements (such as health insurance, housing, transportation and finances) and support services should be managed effectively by carefully selected and qualified staff who have appropriate academic and administrative experience necessary to perform the work. Travel arrangements must be made in accordance with University travel regulations.

Each study travel program should be evaluated periodically by student participants, program administrators, and appropriate University administrators to determine the extent to which objectives and purposes of the experience have been met. Changes should be made in light of the findings.