Policy 3112 – Disbursements from Foundation Accounts

Revision Date:  3/9/2021

Last Review:  3/9/2021

Original Effective Date:  8/26/2000

Responsible Office:  Division of University Advancement


Requests for disbursements are made on the official Louisiana Tech University Foundation check request form, which can be accessed at www.latechalumni.org.  Copies may be obtained from the foundation office. The person submitting the request completes and signs the form and the request is then reviewed and signed by the Dean or other designated person responsible for the account. After approval, the form, along with all necessary receipts and attachments, is forwarded to the Foundation office for review and payment after approval.

Approved requests for disbursements must be received no later than Wednesday at noon in order for a check to be available by Friday at noon. Checks will be sent to the name and address provided on the disbursement form via campus mail or the U.S. Postal Service unless other instructions are provided. Checks will be held for pick-up if requested.

In order to develop and maintain policies and procedures which will provide proper documentation and review of withdrawals from Foundation accounts, disburse funds in accordance with donor intent, maintain the tax exempt status of the Foundation, prohibit the use of funds for the direct personal benefit of faculty and/or staff, obtain goods
and services efficiently at the lowest cost consistent with the quantity and quality desired, and properly account for all transactions, guidelines for withdrawal of Foundation funds are listed below. Monthly activity reports are produced to enable the various departments, administrators, etc., to reconcile the transactions which occurred during the prior month on all expendable funds.


Not Applicable.


Foundation Guidelines for determination of allowable use of funds includes general expenditure categories listed as follows:

Compensation and Supplemental Payments

Direct payment by the Foundation to faculty, staff, and/or part-time employees of the University is allowable under the following circumstances:

  • Payments for services rendered under guidelines of the accounts. (i.e., TV Sports shows, etc.)
  • Advances
  • Special circumstances when departments are unable to complete necessary paperwork for University payments in time for an employee to be compensated appropriately.
  • Awards

An IRS Form 1099 will be issued by the Foundation to those who receive checks written under these circumstances except in the case of an advance payment which must be repaid.

Moving Expenses

Moving expenses are reimbursed upon request by the Dean of a college from accounts of that college. Original receipts are required. If the employee being reimbursed for these expenses can make the arrangements with the moving company and provide the Foundation with the appropriate original invoice, a check can be made payable to the moving company. However, Foundation check request procedures must be followed, meaning the check cannot be requested and issued on demand. The Foundation will issue a 1099 for moving expenses.

Guest expenses, honorarium, etc.

Reimbursement of expenses incurred in conjunction with visits of guest lecturers, speakers for special occasions, and/or other guests of the University are allowable. Usual reimbursement is limited to expenses incurred for travel, food, and lodging of guests and the associated expenses for a reasonable number of University staff accompanying the guests. Unusual expenditures should be cleared with the Assistant VP and CFO of the Foundation before the expenditures are incurred.

Payment of an honorarium or consulting fee is allowable provided the individual receiving payment is not an employee of the University. Honorariums constitute income to the recipients, and a 1099 will be issued as required by current regulation.  The check request form authorizing payment must be accompanied by IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf) which will provide the recipient’s address and social security number to the Foundation.  Additional forms must be filed for payments to recipients who are not residents of the United States of America. Contact the Assistant VP and CFO at the Foundation office in advance in these cases.

Coffee Hours, Receptions, etc.

Reimbursement of expenses incurred for coffee hours, teas, retirement parties and/or receptions may be reimbursed from Foundation funds provided the cost for such functions does not exceed a total of $250 per year. Special permission to exceed this amount must be granted by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Faculty and Staff Travel

Departments should follow the same guidelines for Foundation reimbursement of travel expenses that are followed for the University comptroller’s office. The completed travel authorization form should accompany the request. If the Foundation is to pay expenses not paid by the University, documentation supporting the request for reimbursement should accompany the check request.

Capital Equipment

  • Capital equipment generally used for teaching, research, and/or public service activities may be purchased from Foundation funds. Capital equipment is defined as those items costing $1000 or more and having a useful life of one year or more.
  • Title to, and inventory of, capital equipment purchased from Foundation funds remains with the Louisiana Tech University Foundation until arrangements for transfer of title are made.
  • Department Heads or other administrators and/or faculty may determine the specific manufacturer or vendor of any equipment purchased with Foundation funds.
  • Any item of capital equipment purchased with Foundation funds must be identified for fixed asset records unless transferred by donation to the University.

Supplies and Expenses

  • Expendable supplies may be purchased from Foundation funds.
  • Supply and expense items must be used for teaching, research, public service activities, and other activities directly related to the mission of Louisiana Tech University.

Scholarships and Student Awards

Scholarships are generally defined as payments made to students to financially support academic studies. Awards are generally made in recognition of prior academic work, whether in college or high school. Both are allowable from Foundation funds if the appropriate procedures outlined for scholarships are followed. It is the policy of the Foundation to make all scholarship payments through the University. Please consult the Accounting Department for specific instructions and further details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All invoices must be paid in the fiscal year in which they are issued. For instance, if an invoice is issued in June, it must be paid by the end of that month because July 1 begins a new fiscal year for the Foundation, coinciding with the university’s fiscal year. NO PAYMENTS can be made on invoices from fiscal years other than the current one.

Proposed uses of Foundation funds which are not directly related to the above listed categories or uses relating to unusual circumstances should be discussed with the Foundation office prior to the expenditures being incurred.

Procedures for Requesting Withdrawal from Foundation Accounts

  • Requests for withdrawal of funds involving honorariums, consulting fees, dues, publication costs, reimbursement of expenses for University guests, reimbursement for payment to a vendor for supply items procured directly from the vendor, items of equipment of a non-capital nature, capital expenditures, and other miscellaneous expenses will be processed as follows:
    • A fully completed Check Request Form is to be submitted to the Accounts Payable area of the Foundation office. The form must be signed by all appropriate persons. If payment is to an individual, a completed W-9 form must be submitted with the check request.
      This form can be located at www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. This information is necessary in order to issue the appropriate IRS 1099 form to the payee.
    • Original vendor invoices, expense receipts, and/or other supporting documentation should be attached to the check request form. For University activities, the name and purpose of the event and date should be included.
    • If an original invoice is not available to attach to the check request form, an explanation in writing is required and must be attached to the check request form. This is necessary to prevent duplicate payments.
  • Requests for compensation or supplemental payments to employees or students
    • Requests for withdrawal of Foundation funds to make salary or wage payments must originate with the college or other unit making the commitment to pay Louisiana Tech University employees or other persons for services. The form must be submitted to the Foundation for certification of sufficient funds, review of required documentation, approval, and payment.
    • If the payee is an employee of Louisiana Tech University, that person must be hired in accordance with University employment procedures and be assigned to that unit’s budget. The unit requesting payment will be responsible for processing the appropriate payroll forms. Foundation reimbursement will be made to the unit budget within the University. The individual will receive a university payroll check from the Comptroller’s office.
    • If the payee is not an employee of Louisiana Tech University, there must be a contract or agreement with the payee signed by all parties, and the payee must fill out an IRS W-9 form (www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf) for the Foundation. If the payee is not a U.S. citizen, please contact the Foundation business office so that the appropriate and necessary forms may be completed in order that the person may be paid.
  • Requests for Payment of Travel Expenses
    If the request for reimbursement for travel expenses is from Foundation funds, the request must be made on the Foundation check request form and supported by the original receipts for lodging, meals, and transportation. If travel was paid through the comptroller’s office, documentation supporting the request for reimbursement should accompany the check request.
  • Scholarships and Student Awards
    • Scholarship recipients must be chosen according to the criteria established in the gift or endowment agreement for that scholarship. The Foundation will provide the amount available for each scholarship in advance of the awarding of that scholarship. Scholarships are paid through the University; the Foundation reimburses the University for those scholarship payments.
    • Scholarship payments from Foundation funds are requested on the Check Request form and accompanied by Scholarship forms. All signatures are required on both the Check Request Form and the Scholarship Form.
    • The Office of Financial Aid credits the student’s account with the scholarship amount.  It is very important that a copy of the scholarship form attached to the check request form be sent to the Financial Aid Office and the Comptroller’s Office when the request is being made to the Foundation.
    • Scholarship payments cannot be made to the University if there is not a positive balance in the scholarship account from which the payment is requested.