Policy 3112 – Disbursment for Foundation Accounts

Effective Date: 8/26/2000

Responsible Office: Vice President for University Advancement

Requests for disbursements are made on the official Louisiana Tech University Foundation
check request form. Copies may be obtained from the foundation office. The person
submitting the request completes and signs the form. The request is then reviewed
and signed by the individual responsible for the account (Dean or other designated
person). After approval, the form, along with all necessary receipts and attachments,
is forwarded to the Foundation office for review and payment after approval.

Approved requests for disbursements must be received no later than Wednesday at noon
in order for a check to be available by Friday at noon. Checks will be sent to the
name and address provided on the disbursement form via campus mail or the U.S. Postal
Service unless other instructions are provided. Checks will be held for pick-up if