Policy 4102 – Facility Modifications

Revision Date: 6/7/2002

Responsible Office: Operations and Maintenance

Before a University facility or space can be converted from one use to another, a request for conversion of the space must be submitted through the appropriate Dean, Director and/or Vice President to the Space Utilization Committee for approval. No conversion is to be initiated without prior approval by the Committee. Proposals for external funding which will require conversion or renovation of classroom space must be approved by the Space Utilization Committee prior to submission of the proposal to the funding agency. The Vice President for Academic Affairs chairs the Space Utilization Committee.

Attention is invited to the longstanding policy which requires that all work done in University facilities must be performed by Physical Plant employees. This work includes such items as installing or removing partitions and making connections into utilities systems. Under no circumstances should any work of this nature be undertaken by persons other than employees in the Physical Plant staff or by contractors’ employees being supervised by the Physical Plant.

Requests for Drawings:

Any requests for drawings will require the following steps:

  1. Request for drawings must be approved by the dean of the college.
  2. A conceptual request for modification must be sent to the Space Utilization Committee. The Committee will review the conceptual request and either approve or disapprove it.
  3. If the conceptual request is approved by the Space Utilization Committee, the request for drawings will then be forwarded to the Campus Engineer by the unit.
  4. After drawings are complete, the unit will submit drawings and formal justification to the Space Utilization Committee for final action.

Repair Work Orders

The Louisiana Tech University Physical Plant is responsible for the repair and maintenance of buildings, grounds, and utility services. Through either in-house or contract repair, the Physical Plant is the contact for facility and utility repair on the Louisiana Tech campus.

On-line Work Orders

Work order requests can be submitted on-line at the following www address:   http://www.webtma.net

Paper Work Orders

Requests for key duplication, lock changes, and room modifications that require signatures and drawings must be submitted on paper work orders.

Repairs Needing Immediate Attention

Requests for repair needing immediate attention from air conditioning, elevators, broken windows to stopped-up toilets should be reported to the Physical Plant by telephone. To help in the prioritization of requests, please advise Physical Plant personnel whether the repair is routine or an emergency. Emergencies are typically those situations that pose a danger to persons or property.


  • Third light fixture from the door won’t work – (Not an Emergency)
  • Water pipe in 2nd floor restroom broken, water 3-inches deep – (An Emergency)
  • Elevator won’t work – (Not an Emergency)
  • Someone stuck in elevator – (An Emergency)
  • Door broken, won’t close but not in danger of falling – (Not an Emergency)
  • Door broken and in danger of falling – (Emergency)

Should emergency situations develop during the evening, weekend, or holiday, the Power Plant should be called at 257-4707. University Police may also be called at 257-4018. If the situation poses a danger to unsuspecting persons, please advise University Police and stay to warn other individuals until the arrival of University Police. Under no circumstances should university employees attempt to address a problem with live electrical or steam service.