Policy 4105 – Facilities Usage Policy

Revision Date: 9/28/2021

Last Review: 9/28/2021

Responsible Office: Associate Vice President for Administration and Facilities


Louisiana Tech University facilities and properties are utilized to fulfill the primary mission of the University. Beyond traditional instruction, research, public service, and athletic-related activities, certain University facilities and properties are made available for use by recognized student organizations in good standing through a reservation system operated by the Student Activities Office, Division of Student Affairs (Reservation Form available in the Student Development Office).  https://cas.latech.edu/cas/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fforms.latech.edu%2Flogin%2F  Procedures and policies for student use of facilities and properties are established by the Division of Student Affairs and coordinated with the University department having primary oversight of the specific facility or property. All scheduling of facilities and properties must be made through the Student Development Office at least 48 hours prior to the event. To maintain safety, security, and order, to ensure orderly scheduling of campus facilities, and to preclude conflicts with academic and curricular activities, Louisiana Tech University reserves the right to limit such activities by the following regulations regarding time, place, and manner of such activities.

In order to fulfill its public service mission, Louisiana Tech University may allow the use of certain facilities and properties by public and non-public groups provided there is not a conflict with University scheduled events and that the usage and event does not detract from the University’s mission. In addition, the University requires all

Louisiana Tech University Affiliated Organizations and Other Entities to provide proof of liability insurance, an indemnification agreement, and cost reimbursement sufficient to cover the operational cost of the facilities or property utilized.

Proof of liability insurance and the indemnification agreement must be filed before any facility or property can be approved for outside use.  Insurance and indemnification may not be waived.

For student organizations, the Student Development Office will coordinate the scheduling and use of University facilities and properties directly with the department responsible for the specific facility or property. Because of the uniqueness of each facility, scheduling needs, etc., the department having oversight for each facility will establish usage policies and charges specific to their facility and property.  Charges for usage are to be sufficient to cover the cost for use of the particular facility and must be paid in advance unless satisfactory arrangements are made in advance for direct billing to a responsible party. Collections for usage charges are to be made by the department having oversight of the facility and must be promptly deposited with the Cashier, Office of the Comptroller. Invoices will be issued by the department having oversight of the facility and will be processed and collected through the Comptroller’s Office. Louisiana Tech University reserves the right to reduce or waive facilities and property charges where a compelling public or University need or interest is served. For example, emergency shelter for hurricane evacuation or other disasters, high school graduation ceremonies, certain high school academic or athletic events, or charitable events. Waiving of fees requires two levels of review and written approval from the administrators responsible for the facility.

The University Space Utilization Committee will periodically review policies and charges related to usage of University facilities and properties and will make recommendations to the President.


Student Organization:  An organization composed of Louisiana Tech University Students that meets the criteria to be recognized as a student organization as defined in the current student handbook.

Louisiana Tech University Affiliated Organization: An entity acknowledged by the University that is legally distinct from the University but is either (1) organized and is either operated for the benefit and in support of the University or (2) conducts activities that advance the mission of the University.

Other Entity: Any profit or not-for-profit entity that is not a student organization or Louisiana Tech University Affiliated Organization.


Facilities with specific scheduling policies:

  • Athletic – 257-4111
  • Food Service – 257-3213
  • Recreation – 257-4634
  • Howard Center (All Theater and Music Venues) – 257-2792
  • Special Venues (Davison Athletic Complex, Ropp, University Hall) – 257-3693
  • Research Facilities (Biomedical Engineering and IfM) – 257-2871
  • All Classrooms and Auditoriums – 257-2176

Serving of food

Without a waiver approved by the University Food Service Contractor, no food may be served on the Louisiana Tech University campus that is not provided by ARAMARK.  Provisions must be made with ARAMARK for clearing and disposal of food and waste.  Should a waiver be provided, the group reserving the facility is responsible for clearing and disposal of food and waste.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is only allowed in food service locations and may only be provided by ARAMARK.   ARAMARK is licensed and insured to provide alcohol.  Groups may not bring alcohol to University Facilities separate from ARAMARK.  ARAMARK will register with University Police all events where alcohol is served.  Should University Police determine that officers are required at the event, the group reserving the facility must pay University Police for their cost prior to the event.  The University reserves the right to prohibit alcohol at any event. 

Non-alcoholic beverages

Louisiana Tech University has a sponsorship agreement with Pepsi.  No Non-Alcoholic beverage may be served or advertised separate from Pepsi products.

Crowd size

Any group inviting the general public to a University Facility must register with University Police.  Should University Police determine that a peace officer is required, the group must pay University Police prior to the event.  University Police will determine if EMS should be on site during the event.  If this decision is made and there is an associated cost, the EMS provider shall bill the group responsible for the event directly.

Sound and lighting

If available, Louisiana Tech can provide a Sound and Lighting technician.  The cost of time and any rental cost shall be reimbursed.  Scheduling of use of Sound and Lighting must be reserved by the department having oversight of the facility.

Space suitability

The group reserving space shall become acquainted with the space and make sure that it is suitable and adequate for intended use.  The group reserving the space is responsible for all accommodations necessary for persons needing accommodations.  This includes physical access and interpreter services.

Signage and banners

Signage and Banners may not be affixed to University facilities without prior approval of the University Facility administrator.


Exit Doors and signage, alarm activation or signaling devices may not be blocked, obscured or disabled in any manner.  Hallways and exit paths shall be kept free and clear at all times.  The group registering the event is responsible for all safety at the event and shall make themselves knowledgeable of evacuation routes, emergency numbers and safety procedures.

Health guidance

The University may have in place health-related policies and procedures in place in response to an ongoing or potential pandemic or public health threat.  The group registering the event and all attendees shall comply with all applicable University health-related policies and procedures.