Policy 4107 – Locking and Unlocking Buildings

Revision Date: 3/24/2016

Responsible Office: Operations and Maintenance

Responsibility for locking and unlocking of buildings generally resides with the custodial
services within the Physical Plant.  Those buildings locked and unlocked by custodial
services are those administrative and academic buildings on the main campus. Exact
times are dictated by academic schedule, but are unlocked at 5:30 a.m. Monday through
Friday and locked at the end of academic scheduling in the evening.  Requests for
exception to this schedule are submitted through the Physical Plant work order system.

Buildings not locked and unlocked by custodial services are: A.E. Philips Laboratory
School, all athletic facilities, recreational facilities, residential facilities,
facilities leased to 3rd parties (Bookstore and Food Service Facilities), research facilities and farm facilities.
 The Athletic Department will lock and unlock all athletic facilities.  Student Affairs
will lock and unlock all residential facilities and recreational facilities. The Farm
will lock and unlock all farm/agricultural facilities.  Facilities leased to 3rd parties are locked and unlocked by the lessee.