Policy 4221 – Policy on Emergency Situations Announced through the News Media

Revision Date: 10/21/2019

Last Review:  10/21/2019

Responsible Office: Department of University Communications


It is the basic expectation of Louisiana Tech University that all employees report to their duty stations at the appointed times. To aid in determination of “appointed times,” this News Media Announcement Policy is promulgated. All normal situations are covered in published calendars, schedules, bulletins, policies, and handbooks.


Not Applicable.


Emergency situations will be announced using selected words by the Tech News Bureau upon authoriza­tion by the President or his/her designee. The following interpretations will apply:

  1. Situation – Tech is closed.
    Interpretation – Students and most employees are not required to be on duty. Selected employees have responsibility to be on duty to maintain essential services as an inherent requirement of their employment. Compensatory time will be granted these selected employees in this case.
  2. Situation – Classes are dismissed. All offices are open.
    Interpretation – All employees other than 9-month teaching faculty are required to be on duty.
  3. Situation – Tech is open.
    Interpretation – All employees are expected to be on duty, and all students are expected to be in class.