Policy 5201 – Purchasing Department Purpose

Revision Date: 11/2002

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer

Reference: LRS 39:1551-1755; LRS 38:2181-2320; Title 34 and Executive Orders

The primary function of the Louisiana Tech University Purchasing Department is to procure needed supplies, equipment, and services with maximum value obtained for each dollar expended. All procurement must be in compliance with the appropriate state regulations and provide support for the education, research and public service goals of the University.

The Purchasing Department of Louisiana Tech University operates in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of Louisiana. Purchasing Regulations are contained in Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:1551-1755, Louisiana Revised Statutes 38:2181 – 2320, Executive Orders of the Governor, and the Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Commissioner of Administration in Title 34, part I of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

The University’s purchasing regulations apply uniformly to every expenditure of public funds, irrespective of its source, including all forms of federal assistance, as well as all self-generated funds, private gifts and contracts. The University’s procurement process fully complies with federal laws and authorized regulations, which are mandatory.

The accompanying Purchasing Handbook has been prepared to assist all Departments in following appropriate procedures for procurement of supplies, equipment, and services as well as compliance with University, State and Federal (if applicable) guidelines.

Questions or comments concerning specific purchasing regulations or procedures should be directed to the Purchasing Office at extension 4205.