Policy 5202 – General Information for Small Purchases

Revision Date: 1/23/2017

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer

Reference: JBE 2016-39

The majority of a Department’s needs should be anticipated in advance so they can take advantage of the bid process or purchase from the state contract. The small purchase should be used for those unforeseen needs.

For purchases under $5,000, competitive bids are not required, but the purchase price must be competitive and reasonable.

Departments are authorized to make valid University purchases up to $5,000 within the limitations of their departmental budget. Each department is responsible for insuring fund availability prior to the purchase.

Remember, the individual making the purchase is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEBT. Do not financially obligate yourself or any other staff member by abusing the purchasing delegation by making purchases over $5,000, artificially separating purchases, exceeding your budget, or otherwise making an improper purchase.

The staff in the Purchasing Office is always willing to work with individuals or department to procure any item that may be needed. Feel free to ask for clarification of the rules and regulations.