Policy 5212 – Payment Methods

Revision Date: 11/2002

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer


Purchase Orders will only be issued after funds have been approved by the Comptroller’s Office. Purchase Order numbers are never assigned in advance.

The Purchase Order is a seven (7) part form; the Vendor copy, Purchasing’s file copy, the Comptroller’s encumbrance copy, the Department copy and Receiving’s three (3) copies. Of Receiving’s three (3) copies, one is to be returned to Purchasing when goods are received, one is to be sent to the Comptroller’s Office when payment is to be made, and the third is their file copy.

Departments MUST call receiving for these copies to be released. Payment cannnot be made otherwise.


Petty cash forms are available from the Comptroller’s office.

Reimbursement by Petty Cash

Reimbursement to an individual for cash payment of purchases on behalf of Louisiana Tech, providing all purchasing requirements were met.

Items purchased under $15 in the Ruston area are to be paid when purchased.

Instructions for Completion

  1. DATE: Date that the form is presented for payment.
  2. AMOUNT: Amount to be reimbursed.

    There is not a monetary limit that can be reimbursed, but all purchasing rules and regulations apply.

  3. CHARGE CODE: Department code to be charged.
  4. FOR: Items purchased.
  5. APPROVED: Signatures are required according to the regulations of each department and the University.

Special meal forms, travel authorization forms, and professional service forms must be attached, if applicable.

Procedure in Submitting Form For Payment

Attach the original itemized receipt that states vendor name and address, identifies items purchased, gives date purchased and indicated payment was made.

Completed form is to be approved by Purchasing and then presented to Cashier’s window in the Comptroller’s Office for reimbursement.