Policy 5213 – Reimbursements

Revision Date: 8/25/2016

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer / Comptroller’s Office

  1. Under normal circumstances, cash reimbursements on the Petty Cash form will be limited to a maximum of $50; reimbursements over $50 will be made by check. Proof of payment from faculty/staff should be attached to a Purchase Requisition with an individual listed as payee. Following the normal procedure, a check will be issued and sent to the individual.

  2. The reimbursement form and accompanying paid receipts and/or proof of payment must be presented to Purchasing/Cashier for reimbursement within 60 days of the oldest date on the receipts.

  3. Reimbursement requires original receipts; copies will normally be rejected. If proof of payment is to be a check, a copy of the canceled check is acceptable.

  4. The receipts accompanying reimbursement must clearly identify what was purchased. The receipt MUST also indicate name and address of the vendor. Charge card statements do not identify the item purchased, therefore are not acceptable without other documentation.

  5. Prior to review by the Purchasing Office, all authorized signatures including University Research must be on the form. Departments must also verify that the receipts total the amount of the reimbursement and that the correct account number with the budget object code is used.

  6. An appropriate explanation should accompany each reimbursement request and any unusual items should be explained.

  7. The Purchasing Office cannot sign petty cash slips as they are hand delivered.  Petty cash will be signed in our log book and will be approved within 2 days of receipt of the form.  It is the department’s responsibility to pick up their petty cash after the 2-day period.  Petty cash cannot cross fiscal years.

  8. Petty cash vouchers for the refund of student deposits will be processed directly with the cashier and do not require approval by the Purchasing Office.

  9. Duplicate copies of lost petty cash vouchers will not be accepted. Losing a petty cash voucher will be the same as loss of currency.

  10. Use of campus mail for sending petty cash vouchers to the cashier is discouraged.

  11. Business calls placed on home phones are discouraged. If it is necessary, the following will be required:

    1. Bill must be the original with calls highlighted.
    2. The name of the person called and the purpose must be listed, legibly.
    3. An explanation of why it was necessary to use the home phone rather than take advantage of the reduced rates available at the office.