Policy 5219 – Electronic Signatures – Execution and Routing

Last Review:  07/13/2022

Original Effective Date: 07/13/2022

Responsible Office: Purchasing

References: R.S. 9:2607; LAC 4:I:§701; LAC 34:V:§307; LAC 34:V:§2509(G)


Electronic Signatures are acceptable by Louisiana Tech University persons delegated and authorized by the President to sign on behalf of the University via traditional ink signature.  The Electronic Signature policy does not change or add signature authorization.

Those delegated authorization to sign for Louisiana Tech University are:

  • Director of Purchasing for Purchase Orders, Contracts and Purchase Related Documents
  • Athletic Director for execution of Athletic Game Contracts


Electronic signatures are valid wherever a traditional ink signature by the same signer would be valid, except in those cases where another authority governs another aspect of the transaction, and such authority does not accept electronic signatures. Known examples of such exceptions include:

  • Clerk of Court Recordation
  • Sealed Bid
  • Any document requiring notarization


Electronic signatures may take the form of:

  • A scanned ink signature;
  • A signature captured using a digital pen or pad;
  • An image of a prior signature applied by software (such as Adobe);
  • An encrypted certificate with a signature and additional information;
  • A signature applied by a third-party web platform (such as VeriSign);


Electronic signatures can be used by vendors, state agencies, and authorized signatories of the University.   Louisiana Tech University will accept electronic signatures interchangeably and consistently with how it accepts traditional ink signatures.

When used university personnel shall follow the following steps:

  • The content of the Document (contract, amendment, etc.) will be reviewed with the same level of attention as would normally apply to a traditional paper document.
  • If required by Louisiana Administrative Code or Revised Statute, documentation of appropriate signature authorization (such as a board resolution) shall be collected.
  • The designated signer shall affix signature to the Document PDF using any authorized means
  • The document and any attachments shall be distributed as appropriate.
  • A copy of the document with all attachments shall be printed showing the electronic signature and retained as required by audit procedures and document retention requirements. A copy of the approval email chain shall be included.


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.