Policy 5408 – Vehicle Use Policy

Effective Date: 11/21/2007

Responsible Office: Associate Vice President for Administration and Facilities

No person may operate a University vehicle unless they are an employee of Louisiana
Tech University authorized by their immediate supervisor. No employee may operate
a University vehicle unless they have met the conditions of the University Driver
Safety Program.

No person may be transported in a University vehicle unless they meet the conditions
described herein. Persons being transported must be on official University business,
must be either an employee of the State of Louisiana, a student of the University
or otherwise listed on an approved travel authorization.

No University vehicle owned or leased shall be used for any purpose other than performing
official state business. The personal use of a University owned or leased vehicle
is prohibited.

Home storage of University vehicles is prohibited. When not away from Ruston on trips,
vehicles must be parked on-campus.

All drivers of University vehicles are responsible to ensure that they are familiar
with the vehicle and can safely operate the vehicle prior to vehicle use. Drivers
must obey all traffic laws and not drive if they are impaired in any way.

Drivers are responsible for daily completion of state vehicle log. Department Heads
assigned vehicles are responsible for reviewing vehicle logs.

University Fuelman or Courtesy Cards can only be used to purchase gasoline or other
vehicle related expenses for University Vehicles. These cards can not be used for
vehicles not owned or leased by Louisiana Tech University. Department heads are responsible
for reviewing Fuelman reports and other invoices for compliance with these and other
Purchasing policies.

Keys are not to be left in vehicles when unattended.

Employees must have approval from their immediate supervisor to utilize vehicles owned
or leased by the University.

All vehicles must be included on the University Physical Inventory. Property Custodians
are responsible for completing and maintaining preventive maintenance records for
the vehicle. All vehicles are to be maintained per recommended maintenance schedule.

In case of an accident, department heads are responsible for obtaining a Police Accident
Report, ensuring that the Office of Risk Management Accident Report is completed and
investigating the accident to ensure that the employee was authorized to drive the
vehicle and was on official business at the time of the accident.

Should an employee cause an accident and it is determined that he or she was on personal
business and not acting in the course and scope of their employment at the time of
the accident, then the State will only pay the mandatory minimum insurance requirements.
Losses greater than the mandatory minimum may become the responsibility of the driver.
The State may pursue reimbursement for insurance payments for accidents occurring
when on personal business.