Policy 5413 – Use of University Vehicles – GPS Tracking

Effective Date: 9/12/2015

Responsible Office: Associate Vice President for Administration and Facilities

Use of vehicles owned by, leased by or rented by Louisiana Tech University must be
used solely for official University business. Vehicles owned by, leased by, or rented
along with any other vehicle used on official business of Louisiana Tech University
must be operated according to all laws related to vehicle operation, Louisiana Travel
Guide (PPM 49), Office of Risk Management Driver Safety Program, and University Policies
and Procedures.

The State of Louisiana Division of Administration requires the installation of a GPS
device in all vehicles owned by the University. The GPS device will record vehicle
location every two minutes. Along with tracking information, the GPS device communicates
with the vehicle diagnostic computer and will capture and report in real time vehicle
operation information and provide real time email alerts on vehicle condition, location
and violation of speed limit.

Operators of University owned and/or leased vehicles should not expect privacy or
confidentiality concerning the use and operation of University vehicles.