Policy 6203 – University Health Center

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Student Affairs

The University Health Center, located in South Hall, has registered nurses on duty
during day-time office hours. Services are offered to students and include, but are
not limited to, physical assessment of ears, eyes, nose, throat, and upper respiratory;
first-aid treatment for minor injuries; removal of stitches; blood pressure checks
; and the administering of allergy and immunization shots. Limited lab work and over-the-counter
medications as well as crutches, are also available. Referrals to medical doctors
are also made when indicated.

Since diagnosis requires certification of a medical doctor, student excuses for illness
must be obtained from a physician’s office rather than from the University Health
Center. However, with the student’s permission, the registered nurse will verify by
phone to the faculty member the description of symptoms of the student’s illness.