Policy 6205 – Student Center Activities

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002 

Responsible Office: Student Affairs

The Louisiana Tech Student Government, Union Board, and other sponsoring organizations
bring many fine attractions on campus throughout the school year. It is the desire
of the University that faculty and staff members participate in these activities whenever

The faculty, staff, and members of their families are privileged to use the facilities
of the Tech Student Center which include a wide variety of food services, banquet
facilities, Bookstore, and bowling alley/game area. Use of rooms in the Student Center
can be arranged through the Student Center Office. Catering is available through Tech
Food Service.

The Student Development Director, whose office is located in the Student Center, provides
for programs in coordination with campus organizations. Faculty members are encouraged
to refer to this office for information concerning these programs, and many activities
presented by this office may be attended by the entire family.