Policy 6301 – Vehicle Registration

Effective Date: 1/15/2002

Last Review:  01/06/2021

Responsible Office: Student Affairs


The University requires all faculty, staff, students, and employees who are in any way connected with the school to register their vehicle, regardless of ownership, and to secure a parking permit. All vehicles must be registered by the time classes begin for any quarter. Also, vehicles that are purchased or acquired during the quarter must be registered before being parked on campus.

Vehicles may be registered and decals obtained during regular office hours in the Traffic Office located in South Hall.

Registration is limited to one (1) vehicle per employee or student. The official University parking decal must be removed and returned to the University Police office upon severance of ownership of a vehicle.

Each registrant will need to present a current vehicle registration certificate (Louisiana “pink slip”) for the vehicle and a current driver’s license. Faculty and staff will be required to pay the fee for parking violation tickets.


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